How to Host a Women’s Circle in Your Community

May 29, 2019

EP 91: How to Host a Women’s Circle in Your Community with Becca Piastrelli

In this episode, I talk with Becca Piastrelli about how to truly be present with others instead of fixing or offering advice. We talk about questions to get people into their authentic truth and women’s circles: why they’re so beneficial + how to host your own women’s circle in your community.

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We talk about:
  • The difference of fixing + advice vs. being present with someone
  • Our most valuable gift for others as presence, not education or knowledge
  • Two questions to get someone into their most authentic truth in the moment
  • How to truly be present for your friends + family
  • Using the sense of time to inspire you into your most important priorities
  • How to hold a women’s circle in your community: sharing vs. an activity
  • Simple logistics of how often, how to invite women + food!
  • How women’s circles allow us to be mirrors for each other
  • The benefits of having a regular women’s circle: vulnerability is power, becoming a better, more present listener, and being more discerning in choosing relationships
More about BECCA:

Becca Piastrelli is a writer, women's coach, and host of the Belonging podcast. She holds space for women to explore ancestral wisdom, connect with the earth, and find meaningful and inclusive sisterhood. In the age of loneliness, Becca shows us how to feel like we truly belong - to each other, to the earth, and to ourselves.


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