October 05, 2016

With a dear friend and slam poetry champion, Dominique Asheed, we made a botanical poem + spoken word video piece about the power of the beloved + ancient Californian Redwoods. I think you'll love it!

the clouds

confectionary pink

held up by the wide hands of redwoods

that become themselves

in a place where the beginning of the world is kept

the woods are peopled with giants

a ritual of impossible shade

and thunderous wisdom

these grandfathers

adorned in august stars

listening to each other

each old song

every green reed tossed by sunlight

their groping roots tunnel the earth

a subterranean song

see there

the steadying of wind

the sudden upswing of early fruit

and earth and water and sky

delicious with knowing

and these old trees

like old men

resolute in stretching out to heaven

the providers of impossible shade

take it from me

they have traveled the stars

to know your name

each wide limb that lifts sky to scripture

has done something to seek your face

take it from me

these giants

forested mammoths

who have ridden each century

and kept their fruit

they are all we know of heaven

stubborn in survival

thick with community

growing in circles

a history of hand-holding

the other worldly consciousness

of willful old men

who dance and dance

the sun

Poem by: Dominique Ashaheed, slam poet champion + mama