September 01, 2022

Special highlights from our time in Miami ...

Nighttime swims & flower offerings in the ocean

The water was like silk, and the beach felt so safe. In the distance, lightning flashed purple streaks across the sky.

Making wishes & prayers while tossing petals into the ocean darkness is liberating!

Flower rituals for my friend Kelly

Gorgeous fearless woman that never stops growing & being curious & open to life.

She’s so easy to love and so open to giving her love to others. And she attracts a gorgeous tribe of women. I’m constantly blown away by the intimacy involved in a private ceremony - it’s a window into someone’s most precious tenderness.

Going deep with flower readings after the Flowerlounge

I had been taking a TON of the new Sacred Awareness (Coming soon! Oct 5th!) & found myself continuously going out on a limb and saying unusual things that just happened to be perfectly what the person needed/wanted to hear!

I’m continually amazed how the flowers we’re drawn to — opens a door into deep insights.

Miami Ripple the Void

Why are we traveling all across the country to host Flowerlounge events? To utilize the power of humanity & pure intention to make people happy. To remind people that flowers are here to support us. To quiet down the things that give us so much inner struggle. To whisper something to us about our own true nature. To remind us that we are the embodiment of love.

More photos from the Miami Flowerlounge here.

Miami Private Gathering

A phenomenal welcome to the city of Miami ~ with the most precious group of movers & shakers.

We cleansed ourselves from head to toe in flower water, enjoyed nourishing treats prepared by Chef Justin Booher, shared a love embodiment practice, made flower offerings & connected with one another with gratitude swelling in our hearts.

More photos from our private gathering here.

Miami Sunrise Flower Offering

As part of our Ripple the Void Flowerlounge Tour, we've been spontaneously inviting everyone that comes to the big Flowerlounge to an early morning ceremony on the beach. We meet at sunrise, sit in meditation together & make a giant flower offering with all the flowers used for mandalas & ikebana at the event.

It's the final ceremony of our travels & the most special way to spend it with those who are fully committed to awakening their most powerful selves with the help of Mother Nature.

More photos from the flower offering here.

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Love + flower petals,
Katie & the Flowerlounge Team