May 06, 2020

I wanted to share a little bit more about our new flower essence blend, Expansive Presence! I realized that I’ve been intuitively supporting my experience of taking this elixir regularly with Joy Juice & Wild Abundance — and ironically, so has my team!⁣

There’s something about working with all three layers that really does it for me. The flower essences in combination — and even the aromatherapy blends — marry together so beautifully!

I like to think of it like this:⁣

Joy Juice is the 1.0:⁣
  • dissolves worry, sadness, tightness or being too serious⁣
  • reminds us that things can be fun, even when we’re in “gotta be responsible” mode⁣
  • helps us streamline and keep things simple⁣ ⁣


Wild Abundance is the 2.0:⁣
  • magnifies abundance + prosperity⁣
  • helps us be more uninhibited + more ourselves⁣
  • helps us recognize synchronicities + opportunities⁣
  • allows us to feel beautiful + more expressive in our environments⁣ ⁣


Expansive Presence is the 3.0:⁣
  • breaks down any resistance we have to receiving more abundantly⁣
  • allows more emotional + financial support to come in⁣
  • helps us embody our wildest expressions + take our place as spiritually aware leaders in the world⁣ ⁣


So! If you are at a position in your life where you are really wanting to break down any hardness or resistance to receiving more / expressing more / or *being* more of yourself in this life … and ready to dive in and start breaking down & dismantling any framework or messaging in your cellular makeup around scarcity or lack - this threesome is the way to do it!

Love + wild expansion,