November 10, 2020

Over the years, we’ve created 18 flower essence blends in a particular order. Each blend has different characteristics, from foundational & acute to more ethereal & nuanced.

These 18 blends make up our CATALYST Collection.

To better understand which flower essences to use when and why, there are three different LEVELS within the CATALYST Collection. Each LEVEL has a range of intentionality of what it’s highlighting for us, and this framework can help you better understand how to navigate our apothecary of flower essences.

Joy Juice
Infinite Love
Radiant Energy
Inspired Action
Quiet Mind
Inner Peace

Wild Abundance
Fierce Compassion
Full BloomBoundless Wisdom

Expansive Presence
Open Heart
Luminous Chi
Inner Knowing
True Strength
Luscious Embodiment

Through personal experience & empirical research we've discovered that the different levels of blends offer a key, or unlock, to broader sets of patterns when taken in a particular way.

One way to work with these levels is to work with the three that create a flower essence vertical.

Here are the six verticals created with the CATALYST Collection:

Joy Juice + Wild Abundance + Expansive Presence
Infinite Love + Fierce Compassion + Open Heart
Radiant Energy + Truthteller + Luminous Chi
Inspired Action + Gamechanger + Inner Knowing
Quiet Mind + Full Bloom + True Strength
Inner Peace + Boundless Wisdom + Luscious Embodiment

Here's the scoop on how it all works:

In the examples below, we are using the Inner Peace + Boundless Wisdom + Luscious Embodiment vertical.

Level 1: Stabilization ~ Soothe the Symptom

The Stabilization level creates a strong foundation and tackles more acute situations or symptoms—for when you want relief now!

For example, Inner Peace dissolves fears and grounds you. It gives you stability and a firm foundation, so that nothing stresses you out.

Examples of when you’d usually use Inner Peace: feeling nervous, afraid, anxious, overwhelmed due to acute stress or transition, accidents, body memories of acute stress, fear of [public] speaking.

Level 2: Expansion ~ Discover the Root

The Expansion level takes you a step deeper, to address past experiences or traumas that have led to today’s patterns of behavior. Here’s where you discover the root & get flashes of insight! You realize why you are the way you are in a particular situation.

In our example, the next steps after Inner Peace is Boundless Wisdom, which dissolves trauma loops, body memories of past traumas, rigidity, control and attachment. It magnifies divine timing, boundless love, healing and feeling like every part of life is sacred.

Level 3: Liberation ~Dissolve the Manifestation

The Liberation blends hone in on deep-seated, long-standing habitual behaviors that have their roots in the past, but their manifestation in today. It shows us how we have learned how to respond and operate in daily life, and how to remove a filter from the past to experience more freedom.

In this example, Luscious Embodiment is the final step in the process. It helps us recognize where we are holding too tightly, not allowing ourselves to relax, are denying ourselves pleasure and enjoyment or where we are restricting what we consider too wild, too fierce, "too much." It helps us express our true selves, relax into more freedom, heal sexual discomfort and feel more comfortable in our own bodies.

What now?!

There are many ways you can work with this information. Here are two ways:

Elixir Deep Dive

Take each of the elixirs, one after each other in succession. For example, start with Inner Peace elixir and take it until you finish the bottle. Then move on to Boundless Wisdom elixir, and after completing that one, take the Luscious Embodiment elixir.

Scentual All-in-One

At least five times each day, take the Inner Peace Elixir, mist yourself with Boundless Wisdom & apply the Luscious Embodiment Anointing Oil, in that order.

If you try either of these methods, let me know what you experience—give me your feedback on what you notice, experience, the scents, everything!

What I love so much about this body of work is that it’s ALIVE! It’s ever-changing and adjusting to the times—and yet it’s also timeless. Every year that I work with flower essences both personally and professionally, I learn so much!

Your stories and feedback also help me better understand the complexity of what we’re creating and helps mold the direction and understanding of this living modality!

Thank you for being here.

Love + flower petals,