March 13, 2020

About a month ago I got a call from my best friend in Taiwan, asking if I could send her some N95 masks, because everywhere in Asia they were sold out. She had lived through SARS and wanted to prepare. 

Subsequently over the following weeks, I watched how my different friends and family in Taiwan, Singapore and China reacted to the Coronavirus situation. I heard all kinds of stories from my friends in Asia - wild, crazy and also funny. 

>My friends in Singapore said one day, ‘Why is everyone going crazy and all the toilet paper is sold out?” Their kids were pulled out of school for two weeks. Folks worked from home or their temperature was taken every time they wanted to take the elevator up to work.

Fast forward one month and I see many of the same phenomenon occurring here in the U.S. I’m surprised at how quickly -- literally in the last 3-5 days -- people are moving into action. 

I’ve gotten 10-15 emails each day from companies offering their safety plans and hygiene statements. I’ve seen photos of bare shelves in certain stores -- and again … the toilet paper phenomenon.  ; ) 

Someone requested on Instagram today that I have a voice in this conversation, so here are some thoughts in random order: 

My friends in Singapore have said that their kids are back in school. The subway trains are packed again, and that ‘business as usual’ feeling is back.

I love the ability to keep a sense of humor and neutrality throughout all the hysteria.

I admire people’s ability to jump into action. And I also refuse to let anything move me from my center or create a false worry or panic.

That being said, I also understand that some folks around the world are genuinely having a hard time. A woman reached out to me from Italy and her Auntie was not doing well as a result of experimental treatment of the virus, so I recommended some specific flower essences for her. 

The thought of families everywhere cooking dinners at home together, snuggling up watching movies or playing games or spending quality time is lovely.

And … some of what’s happening is a total inconvenience and annoying for others. I get it. 

And I’m inspired because human beings are resilient.

In every experience in life, we get the opportunity to observe how we respond to what arises in life.

We see how others respond and we can observe it all with neutrality and compassion and patience (or a big sigh of frustration or a WTF! Or whatever it may be). In the end, things are always changing, and we are all lucky to be alive.

So whether you are directly impacted by the virus with a family member who is ill, whether you are in a fear spinout -- or totally neutral about the whole thing … 

Here are some gorgeous flowers to bring lightness & brightness to your days:

Unplug yourself from mass hysteria and tap into your own inner wisdom with Red Clover. Found in Radiant Energy,this simple yet beautiful flower from our childhood helps us energetically detach ourselves from collective fear! It helps liberate us from contagious energy and emotional states -- that do nothing but deplete our immune and nervous systems. The other flowers in the blend boost our immune system, offer a gentle cleanse and revitalize our energy. 

If you’re getting too serious and have lost your sense of humor, Joy Juice helps you play and laugh more.

If you’re getting grumpy and can’t take one more stinkin’ coronavirus email or social post, bring in the love and compassion with Infinite Love

And you’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed, there’s nothing like Inner Peace to put both of your feet firmly on the ground, to help you feel supported, solid and stable.

Reconnect to the richness of life and tap into benevolent, unseen forces with Angelica. In Western European folklore, Angelica was considered to render spells and enchantment powerless - ha! Does it feel like everyone is under a spell? 

Nourish your body and heart, experience freedom of expression and release tension, worry and the most subtle strains of your nervous system with Icelandic Vicia. 

If you want to tap into your body’s self-healing capacity, I’ve been recommending Self Heal to everyone for over a year now, because it’s so helpful for digestive health, food sensitivities and the kind of imbalances that occur when we ignore our bodily needs in order to keep working (like skipping/delaying lunch or forgetting to drink water). It turns up the volume on our self-healing abilities so that we can thrive. Which is always a good idea -- no matter what is happening in the world. 

Experience the world as a supportive benevolent place with Desert Milkweed. Dissolve the thought pattern of the world being a dangerous place (including pathogens); or worrying about what others think of you and your choices. 

Experience breakthroughs during times when others are mandating your actions or saying, “You can’t do that” with Rose of Venezuela.

Embody gentleness, camaraderie and sweet words, instead of harsh words and feeling like you’re in an unfriendly environment with Nectarine

Experience courage and fearlessness. Come into the neutral middle ground instead of vacillating between extremes of superiority (pride, arrogance) & inferiority (fear, insecurity) with Night-Blooming Cereus

Embody strength, confidence, and protective compassion instead of fear, panic, and obsession with Black Bat Flower

Magnify patience, dissolve fears and deepen into your spiritual connection with Bodhi Tree elixir.

Experience calm, hope and a new perspective instead of distraction and worry with Bee Balm

And if you just need a quick pick-me-up, this video we just made is enough to make your heart melt into happiness and remember that Mother Nature is always looking out for us:

Love + flower petals,