February 20, 2019

The Truthteller Flowerlounge was something special. 

We've hosted 18 of these flower-filled gatherings across 3 different countries, but this was the first time our hometown community experienced the Flowerlounge as you + I know it ... with thousands of flowers, elixirs, mandalas, meditation, essential oils in the air, edible flowers, beautiful music, and a powerful ripple effect that passes joy on to someone miles away.

Beloveds in our community flew or drove in specifically for the#Flowerloungemagic from: Hawaii, Miami, Orlando, NYC, Minneapolis, Seattle, Boulder, San Francisco, Davis, San Jose, LA + Sedona.#mindblown! I am so grateful to everyone who came & everyone who contributed!

For the entire gallery of photos from the Truthteller Flowerlounge, click here.

Our next event at the Flowerlounge is March 8th: ANTIDOTE ~ get your pulse + tongue read by a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and enjoy an experience with herbal tinctures, flower elixirs, small bites + group experiences specifically designed to target exactly what you need. Tickets coming soon!

Love + flower petals,
Katie + the LOTUSWEI Team