The LOTUSWEI Team's Gift Guide

November 22, 2023

If you’re doing some holiday shopping for loved ones, or indulging in a little treat for yourself, take some inspiration from our team of holiday elves!

Clare ~ Flowerevolution Community Manager

1. Infinite Love EVERYTHING

This is hands down my all-time favorite blend. Every time I mist myself, my whole body softens and I feel myself going aaaahhh ~ a deep full-body exhale. It smoothens out all the prickly crunchy edges that can come with the intensity of holiday festivities. We could all use an extra dousing of love this time of year. ;) 

2. Wei of Chocolate

These are so good. Seriously. It’s hard not to finish the entire bar in one sitting. I can’t get enough of the Crystallized Ginger Dark Chocolate.

3. Kind Jewels Jewellery

For that special someone (hint: you) who could use some extra sparkle. Kind Jewels works with ethically sourced gemstones and every piece is made with tender loving care. I own several pieces and always have a pair of their earrings on. My current favorite is this pair of beautiful red spinel earrings ~ they remind me of red holly berries!

(P.S. The person behind Kind Jewels also happens to be LOTUSWEI’s very own Lyndsey Sweeney in Customer Support, so know that you’ll be supporting someone who has been supporting you.)

4. Tea Ceremony

A deep love and daily practice of mine. Do you know someone local to or might be near Denver/Boulder, Colorado? Gift them a much-needed sacred pause at women-run Ponderosa Tea House to experience the healing connection to self and nature, through tea ceremony. There’s nothing to do but simply receive with an open heart ~ and it’s in this space that they can reconnect with what’s most important and just be.

5. The gift of YOU

The best gifts are priceless ~ something made by you. Cook them a meal, bake them cookies, pick them wild flowers on your walk or something you grew in your garden, write them a poem, or maybe make them a card. What's something you're really good at that you can share with your loved ones? I recently received a handwritten letter from a dear friend who lives across the globe, and I can tell you the joy and gratitude it brought me was something no amount of money can buy. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant. All it needs is to come from your heart.

Katie ~ Flower Alchemist & LOTUSWEI Founder

1. For new Moms or Mamas-to-be

I love all of the stylish baby carriers from Sakura Bloom. :)

2. For Everyone

Joy Juice Elixir. Gift it to anyone and tell them it's for meetings, dinners out or at home or any other type of group gathering. Add to everyone's beverages (water, tea, coffee, beer, wine, whatever) to invite in more laughter, enjoyment & connection.

3. For Women

I love these lip balms at our partner Holly's store, called Wildcraft. Super pretty & moisturizing!

For gorgeous, indestructible bags made by hand by a woman-owned business with natural materials, I recommend Arden & James.

John ~ Production

When sending gifts to women like my Aunts and Nieces I always include an Infinite Love product. It is such a timeless scent, and always enjoyed by them. And the name of Infinite Love is based on what Buddha had said: to send out infinite loving-kindness to everyone everywhere without any ill-will. How beautiful?!

Personally, the two favorite products I carry with me daily are Fierce Compassion and Open Heart mists. I love the creaminess that benzoin adds to the Fierce Compassion, and the Open Heart has a 'comfort food' feel to it: a warm, third chakra satisfying scent. Around the full or new moon, I take the Moonstone elixir to take the energy to 11. Then of course there is Wei of Chocolate! They’re all good, but I especially like the Black Sesame for the complexity of its flavor.

Jocelyn ~ Production

I've been using the Crystal Clear Lip Balm a lot. No more crusty lips! Also, I am enjoying the Sacred Heart Mist; I mist it every day. I’m happy with any type of cute stationary - sticky notes, pens etc. Katie got me some pens with gem crystals on them! They are so nice!

Justin ~ Culinary Director

1. Flower Essences

I love working with True Strength, Boundless Wisdom, Radiant Energy, Inner Peace and Inspired Action.

2. My Favorite Holiday Drink

Get some Sedona Sparking water - add a full dropper of Cherry Cola and drops of Inner Peace elixir. Enjoy!

3. Gadgets I Recommend

As a chef, I've tried and tested so many knives over the years! This 2-piece Wusthof Set is my go-to now, and would make a great gift for any culinary enthusiast! 

I love these full-size bottles too, for adding flower elixirs to my water and sipping through out the day!

Taylor ~ Creative Director

1. For the Women in Your Life

Literally any anointing oil: they are the perfect purse-sized thing to carry around with you all the time. These are my personal favorites right now ~ Divine Timing, Sacred Awareness, True Strength

Lunar Grace Tea: supportive for women during their cycles & totally delicious. I love adding it into my coffee every morning.

A dress or shirt from this etsy shop: so many beautiful designs & colors!

2. For The Hostess/Host

Wei of Chocolate: Having open chocolate bars in the kitchen for family & friends to enjoy when they’re over at your house is one of the best things.

Herbal Soda Syrups:They come in 3 delicious flavors ~ Vanilla Soda, Cherry Cola & Root Beer! Just add to sparkling water with your favorite flower elixirs and have something yummy for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Infinite Love Mist & Joy Juice Elixir: This pair is the perfect duo to have on hand during the holidays. Make everyone happy, laugh more & feel the love!

Something ... anything from East ForkMaggie got me a mug for my birthday and I literally have used it every day since March. It’s well-made, durable, and their color choices are so fun!

Woks of Life Cookbook: While I don’t have this cookbook myself, many of my most favorite recipes are ones I’ve found on their blog: Marinated Roasted Beets, Taiwanese Pork Chop, Char Kway Teow & Blanched Romaine Lettuce. Would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook!

3. For the Men in Your Life

This EDC pocket-knife by FallknivenMade beautifully in Sweden, very strong metal & the handle looks like Ivory! Bonus: you can get it engraved with their name or something special.

Sacred Body ElixirI think this natural remedy staple that everyone should be taking regularly if they’re interested in activating their body’s potential to cleanse & revitalize itself. It’s an amazing introduction to the world of flower essences for anyone who hasn’t tried them before.

Lyndsey ~ Community Support

1. Infinite Love

I swear by Infinite Love! I always like to have it on hand because it is incredibly nurturing for me. Infinite Love softens me through any transition & uncertainty that life inevitably brings! My cat and dog love some Infinite Love, too! If you struggle to pick a gift this year, you cannot go wrong with this blend.

2. Living Libations

I’ve become quite obsessed with this Canadian brand of natural skin & body care products. They actually work, too! The quality and sourcing of their ingredients is outstanding. Some of my favorites are their Sandalwood Best Skin Ever, Frankincense & Rose Fluid & their Clay Soap. My skin always feels and looks its best when I use these. After many years of bad acne, that means a lot.

3. Columbia Sportswear

I’m an outdoor enthusiast! I’m out in all weathers here in Ireland, where you can get all four seasons in one day. My happy place is the mountains ~ so a good pair of hiking boots and layers from Columbia are a must.

Maggie ~ Wholesale Partnerships

1. Flower Essences

I'm loving Sacred Heart & Divine Within so much! They are so beautiful to work with, and I go back to them a lot. I love the scent of Divine Within so I have the mist and Anointing Oil on me all the time

2. Textiles

Kei & Molly are a beautiful brand for high quality hand-printed homewares. They are committed to creating good jobs for immigrants and refugees in their community, which only adds to their appeal.

Alan ~ Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

For me, you can’t go wrong with chocolate when looking for a type of gift for the holiday season! I’m enjoying the Wei of Chocolate Peppermint & Ginger chocolate!

The flower essences I have been reaching for lately (and loving!) are Sacred Awareness Elixir & Anointing Oil, Divine Timing Mist and Truthteller serum. I apply the serum to my face and hands throughout the day. Have you tried that one? It is great!

Lyndsey here! Thank you for reading! I'm a sucker for enjoying product recommendations! If you're like me, I hope you received some gifting inspiration from this jam-packed guide. Happy Holiday season to you all. I'm off for a mince pie. ;)

Love & flower petals,