March 20, 2023

It’s me again ~ Alan!

Thought I'd hop on to tell you a little about our trip to Asia.

It's so easy to take our health and happiness for granted, especially with the excitement of travel and moving through many time zones.

After flying for 14 hours from LAX to Taipei, and continuing on to Bangkok overnight, landing in Bodhgaya … India seemed like the long-awaited arrival to our destination!

Our first entry into India was a bit jarring, as Katie had a valid visa, but it was on her old expired passport. This ensued with 3 different officials, looking us over with a cold eye and holding up the line. Suddenly after 45 minutes, everything cleared and we were allowed through customs.

It was a good lesson in how to observe a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, feel the constriction of imminent defeat, surrender to the outcome and then find that all had released!

India is a lot like that!

Then we met Mohammad who has known Katie & friends for over 20 years! What a reunion and what a relief to see a smiling face ready to receive us.

As we got settled into his guesthouse and walked to his nearby restaurant, Mohammad gave us the royal treatment and had the best espressos and cappuccinos brought to us by the lovely Korean lady, who also baked the eye-catching cakes and goodies! The food was delicious and the company was unforgettable that night. We had arrived!

When I awoke the next morning, I thought it was just jet lag and maybe a slight sore throat … but I was a bit achy too. Great excuse to sleep in and just enjoy being in a room knowing we’d be there for a week. Then the achy-ness got more severe, a fever started and a headache capped it off.

I knew if I just slept I would recover in a few hours … which turned into afternoon, evening and night. I didn’t expect to be in bed for 3 days barely able to move to the bathroom, feeling every moment like I’d lost a full contact sparring contest.

It was these times I was so happy to have the team around to check on me. I would wake into a dreamlike state and feel someone misting me with Sacred Body, Sacred Heart and Sacred Awareness.

As I slowly regained my strength on the 4th day, it came to me that the last few days had also been a wonderful purification process upon arrival in Bodhgaya, the place where the historical Siddartha sat under the Bodhi tree until he became enlightened.

Through my half dream and fever states, a certain clarity found its way into my consciousness.

I felt a surrender … that all was as it should be, despite difficulties and suffering.

There is a light that awakens in us all.

Now that we’re back in Phoenix, I recently led a group of men through an entire week of bone broth fasting and intermittent fasting. There’s a similar surrender when working with your own mind as you move through various states of detox, hunger, mental patterns and changes in routines.

I’ve also been seeing clients here at the SAN Center – and internationally, with virtual appointments.

How can I support you in what you’re surrendering to now?

In good health,