May 03, 2017

Our intention for the Pink Moon Flowerlounge Tour was that it be just as transformative for us as the participants … that we would move through blocks + obstacles, expand individually as well as collectively + accelerate our personal growth. 

That wish came true.

And our downtime was just as memorable + profound as the Flowerlounges:

Dancing anywhere, everywhere … in coffeeshops, juice shops, even the streets of NYC – so liberating!

Sitting snuggled up on the couch together in Philly with no heat

Laughing hysterically + revealing our true selves to each other

Going salsa dancing in Philly together

Soaking + sweating together in Korean Bathhouses in Philly + NYC – being naked was such a metaphor for the trip … stripping away pretenses + really being ourselves

Sitting around the table in our various Airbnb’s having meals together

Road trip ~ listening to music, chatting, joking

Splitting up + going our own ways in NYC ~ each of us going to meet friends, family, explore the city + watch the pink moon rise

Being utterly vulnerable + real with each other

Total surrender to life’s craziness – the beauty + poignancy of it all

The love + space + honesty + directness + patience everyone had with each other

What was most inspiring from the team: - all of our commitment to total authenticity - everyone was so totally themselves - cherishing the good, brilliant, bad, ugly, crazy, teary, softie, all of it

At the last flower offering, right before heading to the airport, we were all sort of speechless + floating in the magic of each other.

Love + flower petals,

katie hess