January 05, 2021

In 2017, I took a girls trip with a few of my favorite ladies to Sedona over the full moon! 

We went on an exquisite hike, collected sacred piñon + juniper resin, ate a lot of chocolate, coffee + juice, reflected on card readings, cherished each other, watched the full moon rise at sunset, and savored the warm rays of sunrise in meditation - each of us forging our own path in truth, vulnerability and wakefulness. A celebration of life with full-on intensity, introspection and beauty

During the trip, I made several gem elixirs from of luminous white, pink, green & blue Moonstone jewels! Since then we've infused these gem elixirs into several different products: Moon Magic Bath Salts, Moonstone Elixir & our Inner Knowing Collection.

Moonstone is the perfect antidote for the wild craziness that so many of us are experiencing lately! It's the perfect encouragement to move though whatever is arising + meet all of our selves in the truest, gentlest, most authentic way

Moonstone is a universally loved, supercharged gem. Revered through the ages, cultures as diverse as ancient Hindus and the Romans theorized that moonstone was formed from frozen moonbeams. It recharges + repairs the aura, balances yin/yang energies, supports meditation, stimulates true unconditional love and inspires synchronicity + insights. Other amazing qualities that this gem elixir elicits: acceptance of love, self-expression + restful sleep. It can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs, educators, healers, dancers, and people-persons, for its ability to balance energies, support self expression and clarity.

Moonstone helps both men + women reconnect with the feminine aspects of their nature, by helping balance the hormones on a physical level, as well as balancing the masculine and feminine energies inherent within each of us. It encourages nonlinear thinking, allowing us to listen to our intuition. In turn, insights arise more effortlessly.

Above all, the Moonstone is a talisman of the inward journey. It helps us see gently + clearly inward, where we can meet all parts of our selves, especially any aspect that has been missing, left behind, or forgotten, to be embraced brought forward as an integral part of the whole.

One of the aspects of collecting elixirs that continues to fascinate me, is that different colors embody different aspects ~ this is true for both flowers and gems. Typically, a thread runs throughout that creates an underlying theme, but different colors amplify and home in on specific aspects, bringing even greater clarity + awareness.

White Flash, Blue flash + Green Moonstone Elixir

Blue Moonstone, know for promoting clarity of mind + focus, is particularly helpful for meditation. White Moonstone helps to see emotional patterns and stimulate intuition, seeing deeper into reality. Green Moonstone is connected strongly with Mother Earth + feminine energy. All of these gems are known for balancing the yin + yang energies in both men women, as well as for heightening our sixth sense perception.

Magnifies: Empowerment, luminous qualities, reflect beauty back to others and the world, radiance, ability to see through times that are uncertain + unclear; patience; magical quality - in the right circumstances, it changes and shifts; reveals hidden qualities; clarity, seeing clearly

Dissolves: Uncertainty, feeling unsure which way to go, murkiness, dark, unsure how life will play out

Peach/Pink Moonstone Elixir

Peach or pink moonstone is most connected to the heart energy + the healing aspects of emotional support. It encourages self love, soothes our worries + helps us see the divine in all situations.  By heightening our confidence, self-worth and sense of value in the world, this moonstone helps bring out the best in us.

Magnifies: Softness, self-love, self-care, tenderness, loving-kindness toward others

Dissolves: Irritation, unsettled feeling, uneasy, fearful, afraid, tension

Love + flower petals,        

Photos by Jenny Moloney