January 30, 2015

We want romance, poetry, proclamations of love, and that’s all good …

but what about about loving ourselves?

Here are some ways that I’m gonna love on myself this month, and I hope you do too:

1. Buy yourself flowers. 

Go to the nearest place to find fresh flowers and buy yourself the ones you’re most attracted to. Put them somewhere in your house or office where you’ll see and enjoy them.

2.Buy yourself chocolate.

Make sure it’s high quality dark chocolate. If there’s no milk/dairy in it, then it’s good for your health! My favorite is Wei of Chocolate – and she has a new flavor! And it’s my new favorite, whoa. She reformulated her Wei Love (Chili & Adaptagenic Herbs) – this time she added Rose oil! Trust me, it’s totally divine.

3. Indulge in self-care. 

Last week I was in Santa Fe – I spent two luxurious days by myself at Ten Thousand Waves. I got a wildly incredible massage, ate yummy Japanese food, laid in bed during the day and spent hours in the sauna, hot tub and cold plunge under a starry sky. I was all alone and it was incredible!

What also works is to get an inexpensive fitness membership, so you can use their sauna every week (that’s what I do when I’m back at home). Or pour yourself a hot bath and put your favorite oils, essences and aromatherapy into it. Watch a movie, read a book; do whatever is the best form of self-care for you – you deserve it.

4. Make a list of things you love about yourself. 

I know this sounds a bit funny, but I was working on some year-end reviews and came across a worksheet like this, so I tried it and it’s actually quite nice. Here are some of the things I wrote down that I love about myself: I’m loving. I’m authentic. My presence makes others feel peaceful. I encourage people. I genuinely care. I want the best for people. I can be pretty joyful and silly.

Okay I did it! Now it’s your turn. Jot down a quick list and then put it somewhere that you can look back at it!

The more you love yourself,

the bigger capacity you’ll have

for loving others. 

5. Show your love to your beloveds – that aren’t your lover. 

Call your mom, your grandma, your daughter, your sister, your friends. Do something nice for someone –  and friends that you know are single. Take someone out for dinner. There are so many different kinds of love! Enjoy time spent with loved ones and celebrate each other and life!

6. Do a LOVE meditation ~ open your heart & spread the love. 

You know that even if you’re alone, your state of mind affects others? It affects people you know and even people you don’t know!

Here’s one you can try. There’s quite a bit of ambient noise in the background, but that’s kinda like life – a lot going on – and our job is to just observe whatever arises, so I left all the noises right where they’re at.  Recorded with love …

Love + flower petals,

 katie hess flower alchemist