November 21, 2014

Because sometimes you're in the mood to marvel at the power of love.

Unconditional love. True love. Young love. Mature love. Infatuation. Adoration. Devotion.

Doing crazy things out of love.
Doing good and pure things out of love.
Being of service out of love.
Appreciation. Gratitude. Service.

When I listen to love songs, I like to just feel in awe of love in general.

I no longer listen to love songs and feel yearning, missing or a lack of love. I don't feel sad, empty, wanting - or like I missed the boat. Even the songs with 'yearning' lyrics ... there's so much love in the world - why focus on the lack?

I just listen and feel FULL of love. I feel so full of love for others. I love everyone so much it fills me right up and overflows out of me.

I think of all the people I've met in my life and how much I love them. That love brings tears to my eyes. I think of the incredible kindness others have shown me and I feel SO full of love and gratitude.

I think of all the many things I've learned from countless people and am sort of overwhelmed with appreciation.

This kind of love feels so good and expansive - this loving others without expectation or needing anything ... just appreciating and feeling gratitude for the essence of each person I've ever loved in my life (any and all kinds of love).

Lately I've also been reflecting about the soft side of each person - that each person wants comfort and happiness. I reflect on people I've had difficult relationships with - they all want comfort on some level, and it helps me be more understanding and compassionate.

Life is short and love is big - it's everything really - that vast and boundless love that has no start or ending.

When I think of love ... some of the 'loves' I'm most grateful for are:

Spending two weeks 24/7 with my grandmother right after she had a stroke ... bringing her organic root beer and rescuing her from death at the hospital so she could live at home for six more months - having the patience to slowly break down my aunt into believing that she could care for her at home and that death at home would be more beautiful. My grandmother couldn't talk anymore or move her right side, so we used only our eyes to communicate. I learned how to change the bed with her in it, survive on virtually no sleep and other useful tricks. More about end of life care here.

Years of incredible fierce love and gentle kindness from my spiritual teacher(s)

All the crazy things my best friend has done for me out of huge unconditional love

Anyone who has ever worked or volunteered for LOTUSWEI and offered their precious good intentions and energy

Hidden supporters and people in the background that quietly support me/us/flower power/our big vision

Crazy unexplainable loves that come out of nowhere and surprise me

Friends who I don't see often, yet who are friends for life

Loves that can never be / impossible love

The people I've had difficult relationships with throughout life - who I've learned so much from

The kindness of my mother for carrying me in her belly & for all the people that raised me in this life

Dearest friends in other cities and countries who open their homes and hearts to me time and time again

My doggies who are always excited to see me (no matter if I've only been gone five minutes) - and more loyal than most human beings

Mother Earth who cradles me, soothes me, wakes me up, supports me

Trees and flowers that tirelessly offer their magic and miracles

All the unseen beings who look after me/us all, removing obstacles and making good things happen

And YOU. I love YOU! 

Here's a 2+ hour playlist for YOU - of some of my favorite love song:

May you be entirely filled up with Love. Adoration. Devotion. Gratitude. Fullness.

May you be totally overcome with the poignant realization of the preciousness of life and all those who have been kind to you. 

Endless love + flower petals, 

P.S. The most powerful flower essences for love: Infinite Love, Fierce Compassion, Open HeartSacred Heart & Divine Within.

P.P.S. What 'loves' are you most grateful for?