May 03, 2016

radiant vitality juice ingredients LOTUSWEI flower essences

If you love the color orange or the sweet nectar of fresh-squeezed OJ, you'll love this recipe.

Here's what Jodi says:  Although a juice that includes a bunch of different fruits + veggies can be a work of culinary perfection, I love me a juice recipe that only requires 3 ingredients. I recommend this juice at the beginning of the day for a natural boost of radiant energy!


Ingredients + a few fun facts: 

2 GOLDEN BEETS: High in calcium, potassium + fiber. Great for nerve and muscle function.

FENNEL: Enhances cardiovascular health, acts as a powerful antioxidant + boosts your immune system.

2 ORANGES: High levels of Vitamin C; essential for healthy skin, bones, ligaments, tendons + blood vessels.

RADIANT ENERGY FLOWER ELIXIR: Contains flower essences that help with fatigue + energetic saturation. Enhances vitality, boosts the immune system + recharges you after long hours of sitting at the computer or on your smartphone.

  • Whenever you are juicing with golden or red beets, remember that they are in your system - you maaay run into some vibrant surprises in the toilet!
  • Always, always juice organic produce. Because you are removing the fiber by juicing the fruits and vegetables, your body doesn't have to work to break down the food - so all the nutrients and vitamins assimilate into your body very fast. If there are pesticides or any harmful chemicals on the produce you are juicing, that will also mainline into your system - which is no good.

QUESTION FOR JODI: To avoid having to juice every single day, can I prep several juices at once and store them in the fridge for later?

JODI: I always say, 'any juice is better than no juice.' But with that said, it is better to drink your juice right away while all the nutrients and enzymes are fresh + intact. Think of it this way, the moment you pull a food from the soil, it starts getting depleted of its natural nutrients - so the faster we consume, the better. Same thing goes for juicing. If it is more convenient for you to make several at a time and save them in the fridge for later, be sure to store the juice in glass mason jars, filling all the way to the top (the less oxygen, the better). I do not recommend storing in the freezer - the freeze + thaw process damages the cells of the nutrients and enzymes you want to consume!

What other juicing questions do you have for Jodi? 



Love + flower petals,