August 09, 2019

The JUNGLE Flowerlounge was SO FUN ~ it checked off 2 firsts: our first outdoor Flowerlounge + our first multi-sensory, flower essence-infused dinner experience!

Highlights: the powerful presence of men + women from Singapore, Indonesia, Norway + Taiwan, 12 amazing dishes by@openfarmcommunity infused with essences of local flora, a silent dessert, garden meditations, jungle bathing, heartfelt conversations + flower essence water blessings.


Local Singaporean flora in a bottle! These are the 3 main flower essences we infused 10+ dishes with during the dinner: Pink Torch Ginger, Shell Ginger + Cannonball Flower.

Pink Torch Ginger helps us learn from situations in life that arise to help us heal old wounds. It helps us purify old patterns by revisiting a challenge in our lives; we experience the 'sacred sting' as we actually pull the stinger out of our systems. Rather than figuring out an issue, it reverses or unravels patterns. It dissolves loneliness, abandonment, and the need to 'bear it all alone.' Pink Torch Ginger helps us actualize the transformative power of compassion from the inside out.

Shell Ginger helps us embody our visions for the future. It helps us 'see' the future into reality by transforming outer circumstances through feeling in our bodies what it is we want to create. It stops us from shutting down, playing small or getting distracted by others' limited imaginations. Shell Ginger liberates creativity and helps us bring large, new concepts to the world.

Cannonball has a unique ability to boost our capacity for a visceral experience of compassion. It magnifies our ability to invite others into a state of expansion. It enhances our ability to ‘be with’ and embrace our own intense and complex emotional states, as well as those of another. It dissolves uneasiness around vulnerability, intimacy and empathy. It eases emotional blockages and tension, magnifying acceptance, unabashed vulnerability and authenticity.⠀

Made a one-time-only flower essence of 7 different flowers from the garden at Open Farm a Community for the final ritual at our JUNGLE Flowerlounge. Intention: internal + external purification, cleanse away obstructions and invite auspiciousness + happiness. May it be so.

Huge thank you to our sponsors Open Farm Community for helping us make it happen ~ couldn’t have done it without your brilliant team!

And to @rainerchia + @abide.sg for shooting beautiful video clips ~ video coming soon!

Love + jungle flowers,