October 08, 2018

I’ve always run my business as part of my spiritual path. And I’ve found it will only grow + evolve as fast as I can.

This is true across the board: whenever we’re building something - a business, a family, a house, a creative project - we run into blocks. Challenges arise. We get stuck, frustrated, knocked down. But when we’re willing to constantly look inside ourselves and our patterns, our internal growth allows for external growth.

Growth is not comfortable. It’s not pretty. It requires immense amounts of determination, humor and self-compassion.

But seeing these challenges + discomfort not just as part of my business path, but also my spiritual path, gives me the drive to move through them.

And you know what’s SO cool? As I’ve aligned my spiritual path even more tightly with my business, we’ve been hitting our stride. We’ve become fearless about our offerings, and in turn are attracting more opportunities of what we want to offer.

For example, the Private Ceremonies we did in NYC last month were profoundly transformative beautiful, moving + intimate. Sometimes I wonder: how did we create a (successful) business model that incorporates flower mandalas, meditation, smoke offerings + flower card readings?!

So, what I can tell you is this: the more I’ve run my business the way Iwant to (versus ‘should’), the more successful we’ve become.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve let go of what we “should do” or what’s worked for others, and explored running a business (and a life) based on what I/we LOVE to do - and our unique expression of that.

The result? In two years, business has expanded beyond my wildest dreams.

And you know what I JUST realized?

All of this amazingness coincides with the creation of Wild Abundance.

The flower essences in Wild Abundance help us embody our most uninhibited, wild + magnetic selves. They help us let go of striving so much, so we can be more ourselves and attract opportunities without so much effort.

How crazy is that?!! We know flower essences work, but it’s wild when you look back and see the correlations - and the results.

Now, while we still work hard, we run our days the way we want to. No more exhaustion or depletion.

Even in NYC, where we've tended to skip meals and pack in so many meetings we hardly sleep, we run our days the way we want to: flower shops, speaking events, teaching mindfulness practices and creating beautiful ceremonies. We collaborate with other ahead-of-the-curve thought-leaders, instead of reaching out to those who aren’t on the same page, no matter how much influence they have.

There’s an overflowing of energy, magic + synchronicity.

Building a business (and a life!) that is 100% aligned with who you are, moves us into a place of true abundance - a richness of relationships, honesty + authenticity, doing what we’re meant to in the world.

And it’s about nourishment - taking care of ourselves so we can be open to these incredible opportunities. It’s not about going until we drop, constantly reaching for the next thing.

I want to inspire you in your daily life to experience this same divine magic, synchronicity + effortless magnetizing of opportunities, because I’ve seen what’s possible!

On Wednesday, October 24th at 5pm PT, I’ll share my experiences, the flower magic in Wild Abundance, and simple, fun practices you can weave into your everyday life to strive less and magnetize more.

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Love + flower petals,