November 10, 2012

Sweet golden milk, elixir of light … just wait until you taste this divine concoction. And so simple!

Pour some of your favorite milk (almond, oat, coconut, dairy) in a pan and add to taste:

*maple syrup

* tumeric

Optional: add a bit of butter or ghee. This makes it buttery and yummy and the fat will help slow down the metabolism of the sugars in the maple syrup!

Heat the milk until it’s hot and then pour into a pretty tea cup. If you have flower essences on hand, add five drops of your favorite one for flower power. Sprinkle with cinnamon if you’d like!

This is a simple yummy desert drink that is so good for the body. I tried it today for the first time on a whim (though I believe in India it has been prepared in a similar way as an Ayurvedic remedy for thousands of years); I’ve recently been adding tumeric to most anything I cook.

In Ayurvedic healing, tumeric is used for relieving stress, stabilizing blood sugar, aiding digestion, as an antinflammatory after injuries or surgeries, for elminating skin problems and in general preventing any kind of illness. It is said that if you want beautiful skin, eat tumeric daily, and if you eat tumeric when you’re pregnant your child will have gorgeous skin.

How lovely that you can enjoy this beautiful sweet treat and know that you’re nourishing your body.

If you try making this, let me know how you like it.

Love + elixirs of gold,

katie hess flower alchemist