November 13, 2016

Are you looking to deepen your meditation practice or yearning for a more spiritual way of life?

A longtime symbol of purity and enlightenment, Pink Lotus is a powerful flower essence that can help develop your inner wisdom and knowingness.

This elixir also acts as a catalyst when combined with other flower elixirs, meaning it not only strengthens the overall effectiveness of the formula but also boosts each of the other flowers’ individual qualities. That is why every single one of our products is infused with the Pink Lotus flower essence!

Once while traveling in Korea, I spent time around enormous expanses of Pink Lotus flowers.

The blossoms are huge and fragrant, and they instantly make you feel energized and alive, yet supremely relaxed. The leaves are gigantic, some of them resting on the surface of the water, with dragonflies zooming around, others growing and curling up toward the sky.

In Korea there is a special Lotus flower ceremony, in which an entire Pink Lotus flower is placed into a bowl of hot water. A wooden ladle scoops out the Lotus tisane for each person at the ceremony. A beautiful tradition, the hot Lotus infusion is simultaneously energizing and calming.

What It Reveals

The Pink Lotus flower is a catalyst, precipitating or encouraging a change. If you’re attracted to the Pink Lotus flower, you either live by or yearn for a spiritual path and way of life. If you don’t practice meditation, it may be time to start. If you do meditate, perhaps it’s time to expand your practice or recommit to making it your top priority. Maybe your cell phone or busy mind is interfering with having a truly focused practice.

If you already meditate, find a way to practice with more diligence or to incorporate it into your everyday life, like maintaining breath awareness while walking the dog or washing the dishes. Create more mindful moments during your day. Find triggers in your daily life to remind you to rest in the present moment and relax the tension in the back of your neck. Focus on your breathing at stoplights, or on the train or bus to work. Develop special rituals for last thing at night and first thing in the morning that remind you of your intention to continue to develop spiritually.

It may be time to put your spiritual practice into action. Think about visiting one of your teachers, requesting a certain practice, or simply asking in your mind for a teacher’s help. If you don’t have a teacher and you’d like one, make wishes that an authentic spiritual teacher appear at the right time. Or perhaps something is occurring in your life that is acting as a teacher for you, imparting lessons that will be of value to you for a long time.

If Pink Lotus is speaking to you, it can also be a reminder to look within. There is an inner wisdom and knowingness that you may be overlooking. If you find yourself looking for answers outside of yourself lately, give yourself the luxury of mental spaciousness that will make room for your own inner wisdom and insights to arise.

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Divine wisdom
Look within.

In the Far East, the Lotus has long been a symbol of purity and enlightenment. The muddy swamp where the Lotus grows is akin to the craziness of daily life—and we can use that chaos to wake up and bloom into our purest self. We can use the wildness of our own minds to refine ourselves over time into more compassionate, loving beings.

The Pink Lotus awakens spiritual insight and understanding from a part of us that is not dependent on our mental thinking. “Figuring out” is not necessary—this kind of wisdom appears more like an “aha” moment. It comes to us in the middle of the night, or first thing when we wake up in the morning, during our meditation, or at other random moments. It slides into our consciousness effortlessly when we‘re not thinking—when there’s space in between the thoughts.

The Pink Lotus flower also dissolves stagnant or stuck energy, weakness, and apathy. Tapping into the Lotus flower is like hooking up jumper cables to give us a “jump” or a spark, to inspire us to action. It wakes up the part of us that perceives the sacredness of daily life. It reveals our own inner wisdom, deepening our understanding of life.

Pink Lotus elixir is also a “catalyst,” which refers to any botanical, herb, or flower that strengthens the overall effectiveness and synergy of the other remedies they are formulated with. For example, in herbal medicine, licorice root and cayenne are examples of herbal catalysts, strengthening the overall herbal formula. When preparing combinations of flower elixirs, adding Pink Lotus not only strengthens the overall effectiveness of the formula but also boosts each of the other flowers’ individual qualities.

Flower Freak Details

Considered a sacred symbol in Asia, the Lotus (Nelumba nucifera) flower is native to the Asian tropics, and typically grows in marshy, swampy areas. It is often confused with the Water Lily, though the two plants are unrelated.

Amazingly, the Lotus is one of only three plants in the world that can regulate its temperature like humans do! Researchers in Adelaide, Australia, found that though the ambient temperature dropped to 50° F, Lotus flowers maintained their temperature around 90° F!

Another aspect unique to the Lotus is that the leaves and flowers are always impeccably clean. Most engineers know about the magical “lotus effect”—exquisite microscopic formations on the surface of the leaves act as a brilliant self-cleansing technology; not one speck of dust is able to rest on them.

The Lotus is also a precious source of food and natural remedies. The roots are used in herbal medicine in Asia as well as cooked as food. Lotus roots have a beautiful shape, somewhat like the snowflakes we cut out of paper as children. They can be sliced and fried like potato chips or added to stews and savory dishes. Lotus seeds are boiled and mashed with sugar to make a sweet lotus seed paste that is used to fill moon cakes, mochi and other Asian desserts.

The Lotus flower is a plant of ancient wisdom. One of the oldest known viable seeds was a Lotus flower seed identified as 1,300 years old, and when it was germinated, it bloomed!

pink lotus flower essence elixir lotuswei

In Essence

Magnifies: Spiritual insight + understanding, revitalized but calm energy, catalyst effect for all flower elixirs and plant remedies

Dissolves: Stagnant or stuck energy, weakness, apathy

Love + flower petals, 

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI