August 11, 2012

Do you feel like you are always working so hard to get what you want?

The Peony flower essence can help you make things more effortless by:

  • Magnifying your sense of abundance + the feeling that everything is possible.
  • Helping you be more relaxed, open and receptive, so you can recognize opportunities as they arise.
  • Slowing down, being more present and indulging in moments with gratitude + appreciation.
Peony is also found in our Wild Abundance blend

Have you ever buried your face in a Peony flower? You’re completely enveloped by its scent and essence. The flower is huge and soft and ruffly—unabashedly itself. There is no ounce of "meek" in this flower. It’s all in. It’s sexy in an elegant, yet down-to-earth way.

It’s actually a myth that Peonies can’t bloom without the help of the ants. On the contrary, the Peony flower buds release a sweet, sticky nectar that attracts the ants. In the same way, you’ll find that there’s an army of assistance just waiting to be attracted to helping you achieve your vision.

What It Reveals

If you're attracted to the Peony flower, you may be overextending yourself or overworking. In the process of making big goals happen, sometimes you may push too hard when a softer approach might be more effective. At times you may feel limited, afraid that there is not enough to go around, and the fear of loss sneaks in, causing you to scramble more than is necessary. You may feel like you have to work hard for everything, when in fact it is quite effortless, if only you call on your magnetizing powers.

Alternatively, you may at times feel insecure, embarrassed or shy, leading you to hold back or be overly cautious. You may worry about what others think or you may tend to feel ashamed of whatever makes you unique.

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Magnetism
Message: Attract abundance.

Loved by so many, the Peony flower magnifies our sense of abundance. It makes you feel full, whole, abundant, grateful. And that kind of mentality just attracts more. Peony flower dissolves any sense of "lack" and feelings of "I don’t have enough" or "I’m not enough." "Lack" does not exist in the Peony world. Peony is like a gorgeous woman with huge ruffly skirts dancing—exquisite, gracious and full of life. It eliminates shame or bashfulness, instead feeling uninhibited and sensuously whole, luscious, wild and delicious.

The quality of Peony is to attract and magnetize, like everything is at your fingertips and everything is possible. This is an active process—it's not about sitting back and waiting or things to happen. It's wise to take the necessary steps that get us closer to our goals; however, we must make sure we aren't forcing anything.

We can allow ourselves to savor and appreciate whatever fortunate circumstances we are in. We can let our minds run wild with what's possible, without limitations, and discover new ways to make those possibilities a reality.

Also, being relaxed and receptive helps us recognize opportunities when they come. We may need to slow down + be more present in order to for the opportunities to reveal themselves. Indulge in moments of absolute gratitude + appreciation for everything in life. Enjoy the present moment.

Peony is one of the star flowers in our Wild Abundance blend. 


Fun Flower Facts

Though the Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) is native to Asia, Europe and Western North America, it is in Asia that it seems to have made its biggest impression. In Chinese culture, the Peony flower is the "King of all Flowers," I personally tend to think of it more like the "Queen of all Flowers," because it’s so feminine and ruffly.

In any case, the Peony has long been a deeply significant flower for Chinese culture (cultivated all the way back to 900 BC), and it’s also commonly known to the Chinese as the "Flower of Riches and Honor." It is common to see Peonies in paintings, ceramics and other household items in Asia.

Aside from the Lotus flower it is one of the most common flowers painted as a sacred offering flower in thangkas, or Tibetan paintings. It is commonly seen in Chinese, Korean and Japanese art as well.

There are about 30 different varieties of Peony flowers ranging in color from pale pink to magenta red to yellow or white. The flowers are huge and highly fragrant, flowering in late spring to early summer.

Though it is virtually impossible to make an essential oil from the Peony flower, in Asia the fresh petals are used to flavor tea. In China, the petals were boiled and sweetened into a kind of treat to be eaten with tea. If you have any Peony flowers growing in your garden that are free of pesticides, you can add the fragrant petals to salads or beverages.

The Peony is also highly regarded as a medicinal herb. The roots are used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean traditional herbal medicine systems, and depending on the color of the roots (white or red), the health benefits differ.


What People Are Saying

"This elixir did exactly what was indicated. I felt so happy and abundance started flowing to me on all fronts. Abundance of love and money." —Dina

"I have been taking the Peony Elixir for several years now, and I absolutely LOVE it!! First of all, peonies have always been one of my favorite flowers—the white ones grew in a patch outside our door when I was growing up. I always loved the fragrance and wished I could drink it, and now I can!! It's so delicious; it truly makes me feel like a Goddess! I bask in the glory of it and my own beauty and the preciousness of that moment. When I take the elixir regularly, I really do feel Abundance and see it working in my life. I also feel such Gratitude for everything that is in my life already, and I know that gratitude brings more Abundance." —Ann Rettic

"Peony inspires me to be my best self. My full-of-life, full-of-love, and carefree self. Highly recommend this beautiful elixir!" —Susan

"This elixir is pure magic. You can literally taste the flowers. It is so delicious and makes me feel delicious, as well. This elixir enhances my feminine qualities and helps them come forth with authenticity, ease, and grace. I can tap into the qualities it enhances just by thinking about it. These magical elixirs work so subtly, and are deeply powerful I am so grateful for them in my process of expanding and evolving, and also to be able to offer them to my clients." —Sarah

"This is my #1 feel good elixir. Each time I take it, I feel like I am deeply honouring the divine within myself. It gives me a sense of profound gratitude and multitude. It's Godly tenderness in a bottle." —Estève

In Essence

Magnifies: Abundance, prosperity, ability to magnetize; gratitude, contentment, appreciation; feeling whole, luscious and uninhibited; elegance, gracefulness, innocence

Dissolves: Shame, embarrassment, shyness; perception of lack; habit of over-extending + feeling like you have to work hard to get what you want.

The Peony flower essence is also found in our Wild Abundance blend.

Wild Abundance offers a powerful way to experience interconnectedness with everything around us. When we sense the divine in every moment, we instantaneously begin to tune into the infinite possibilities that are available to us and perceive the magic of everyday life.

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Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI