August 10, 2012

Are you ready to make a huge leap?

The Night-Blooming Cereus flower essence can help you:

  • Fearlessly move into new territories + new expression of your gifts.
  • Unearth + overcome self-limiting habits and fears that are running in the background.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and go out on a limb after your dreams.
Night-Blooming Cereus is also found in our Full Bloom blend

Collection Story

I discovered this flower by chance, as I was walking out of an appointment and saw the huge bud on the cactus and knew it was about to bloom. So many years living in Arizona and I had never seen the flower before! But looking at it I just felt in my bones that it was ready to pop and that it was a very special flower.

Though I had collected my own flower essences for years, I was just starting my product business and was really hitting some walls. I had gone to a massive trade show called the Natural Products Expo in California. I collected over 300 business cards in over an exhausting three days. When I got home I hired an assistant to help me call and email every single person I had met. I think we got two small orders.

But I knew that there were people all over the world that needed our elixirs. So I made wishes … to find my people.

Several weeks later I found myself in a meeting with the opening hospitality team of what was to be the largest spa in Arizona. They had been building from the ground up—they were opening in six months and needed "signature" products. I had never really spent much time in spas. I used to give talks and set up at spa events, but I had never gotten a spa treatment! But I knew about healing, flower remedies, aromatherapy and herbs. I worked day and night creating new potions, lotions, soaps, scrubs, aromatherapy scents, drinks, oils and elixirs.

I came in every few days and laid out a huge spread of goodies for everyone to try. They wanted the perfect "signature scent," so I also created a TON of exquisite essential oil formulas for them to choose from. It was a huge team with diverse interests, and the only parameters were that everyone had to love it and it had to fall in line with their Moroccan and Spanish concept. The Italian general manager fell in love with a tea that I had made for them that he asked me to make a scent like the tea.

On one full moon in May at their press event, I trotted in with several gallons of tea and some aromatherapy scents in my pocket. After the event we had a meeting and the entire team fell in love with this new spicy citrus floral scent. After months of work I was officially hired—to roll that signature scent out into fifteen different retail products and design the signature treatments for the spa menu.

We walked out of that meeting and on the way to the car is when I noticed this huge cactus bud … 

So I did what anybody would do and snuck back on the property at 10:30 at night.

Night Blooming Cereus Argentine Giant by Louie Schwartzberg LOTUSEWI flower essences

I found the cactus, and sure enough this flower was in full bloom! Massive and almost glowing. I realized I had forgotten my camera. I called my best friend Lisa and asked her to bring it. I got about as far as making some water and Tibetan incense offerings when the security guard started circling me like a shark in his golf cart. Lisa arrived and held him at bay discussing fishing, while I gathered the flower into a huge glass bowl of water. I had hoped to make the flower essence there, but it’s a really sensitive process and I didn’t want anybody’s funky energy to affect the essence. I brought the flower home and set it out in the full moonlight, starting the process of making the flower remedy.

What It Reveals

If you are attracted to the Night Blooming Cereus flower, on some level you're yearning to make a huge leap in your personal growth. There may be fears or self-limiting patterns that need to worked through, however, in order to make that leap. They likely reside in your subconscious, so you may be unaware of how they are affecting your actions + possibly creating obstacles toward reaching your goals.

Being drawn to the Cereus flower indicates that you are ready to see those fears or limitations as illusory appearances and move past them—you are ready to do what it takes to accomplish your highest expression. You have the courage to sift through your fears and old patterns to free the part of yourself that wants to propel you forward in a big way.

You may also notice that you sometimes fall into the extremes of feeling either inferior or superior.

Night Blooming Cereus cactus flower LOTUSWEI flower essences

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Fearlessness
Message: Take the leap!

Usually flowers that bloom at night are for helping us see a side of ourselves that we don’t usually look at. The magic of night-blooming flowers is that they illuminate different shadow aspects of ourselves that we don’t often see. 

This particular flower digs deep into fear patterns. It unearths self-limiting habits and conscious or subconscious fears that are running in the background, in the shadows, and oftentimes affecting our behavior.

Fear holds us back from being our greatest selves. This isn't about your fear of spiders or snakes or falling off a fifteen-story building; rather, it’s related to the fears that would prevent you from getting out of your comfort zone. Night-Blooming Cereus brings these fears into our awareness, so we can look at them and release them.

Not about baby steps, Cereus helps you take a big leap toward reaching for your full potential. It pushes you past any preconceived self-limitations, moving you into new territories, new expression of your gifts. When you fearlessly go out on a limb after your dreams, you can achieve what you may have thought was unattainable.

Personally, in my case, the first time that I took the Night-Blooming Cereus Elixir (continuously for one month), I looked at fears of being seen, being left out, being looked over, not being enough—all sorts of illusory fears. Fears that are simply not real, even though they feel real.

Note: Flower essences like this sometimes amplify your feelings (that would otherwise be subconscious) so that you can be aware of them. It's not inevitable, but it is possible that while taking this flower remedy, you have a day or two of heightened emotions. 

For example, during the first month that I took this elixir I had an argument with my best friend, who I had known for many, many years, and we had never had an argument in the 7 years we had known each other. She was taking the same elixir. It had a sort of purging effect on both of us (most likely because we’re so alike) and after that we were totally done with whatever that issue was—it never reared its ugly head again!

Since then, each time I’ve used the Night-Blooming Cereus Elixir I’ve never had such a strong purging effect—in fact, it gives me a lot of strength and calm. I share all this because I think it’s helpful to know in advance, because if you do have what’s traditionally called a "healing crisis," (read more here) then you’ll be prepared.

This flower is also part of the Full Bloom blend. 


Fun Flower Facts

There are twenty different species of the Night-Blooming Cereus (Echinopsis candicans). Also called Moonlight Cactus, some species grow in the jungle and some grow in the desert. They’re native to tropics of the the Americas and also widely grown in Central and South America.

However, all of these flower species bloom only at night, and many of them only bloom once each year! The Cereus featured in our flower elixir is also known as the Argentine Giant and grows in Arizona. Other names for this flower are Princess of the Night or Queen of the Night. It blooms once each year in springtime, on the full moon or new moon—for one night only—and by the mid-morning it has already begun to wilt. You can imagine how strong this flower’s energy is, as it only has one night to blossom.

The Night-Blooming Cereus Flower is about 6–7 inches wide in diameter, and starts blooming at about 9 or 10 p.m.—it unfolds its creamy white petals and is intoxicatingly fragrant. Inside the shimmery, feather-like petals, there are green and yellow pollen-filled stamen.

At the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, there are special nighttime tours in May where you can see and photograph these rare beauties.

Did you know … that any flower that blooms at night cannot be pollinated by bees or hummingbirds? Instead they are pollinated by sphinx moths and sometimes bats.

What People Are Saying

"So in love with my purchase! Coming to the website I wasn't exactly sure what to look for... but the Night Blooming Cereus presented itself to me so eagerly and working with it has been such a transformative experience. It was exactly what I needed to break through some self-limiting habits. In less than two weeks I've already felt myself blooming and reaching a higher potential that I wasn't aware I was capable of achieving. This energy is gentle but POWERFUL. My friends and family are already noticing a different energy in me and have started ordering their own products! Thank you LOTUSWEI for mediating this transformation!" —Amanda Bienkowski

"I have been taking leaps and bounds in my biz. I seem to have more courage and strength to do the things that were holding me back. I will be keep buying this one for a long time." —Avon

"This is my third month working with the Night-Blooming Cereus Elixir. Not only is this flower incredibly beautiful, it's supercharged my plans and path for 2020. While taking the elixir, I've experienced numerous "breakthroughs" personal and professional, which have led to some ground breaking connections, realizations, and new chapters. It's the first elixir I've worked with on a (more than two month) ongoing basis. I feel like this elixir is helping me "catch up" on lost time and at the same time speeding up the materialization of some serious life long dreams. So grateful for this essence!" —Alicia

"When I first took this elixir, it brought some uncomfortable issues to the surface (which can happen sometimes with elixirs), but after I got past that point, I had tons of insights, especially creative. I also had this motivation to go after goals without fear." —Celeste

In Essence

Magnifies: Realization of your true gifts; recognition of your beauty; fearlessness; recognition of the preciousness of life; deeper understanding of your shadow side and illusions; purification from the inside-out of all limitations necessary to accomplish the highest goal.

Dissolves: Old habits, patterns and illusions; fears, negativity, self-limitations; extremes of inferiority complex and superiority complex.

The Night-Blooming Cereus flower essence is also found in our Full Bloom blend.

Infused with the flower essences that wake up the power of fearlessness, openness, perseverance, Full Bloom helps you skyrocket to the next level of your growth and take a BIG leap toward your full potential.

full bloom Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences


Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI