November 27, 2017

Philonotis fontana
Activate: Play
Message: Indulge in childlike discovery + euphoria.

We were driving in the middle of Iceland, after having stopped at the Hveravellir Nature Reserve to soak in the hot springs. A place in the middle of nowhere, Hveravellir has boiling mud pots and massive steam vents. It’s in a part of the country that requires a 4x4 to get through, as the roads are unpaved and sometimes you have to cross rivers!

Visually, the environment is dramatically beautiful, with enormous glaciers off in the distance and various shades of grey and brown earth next to blue and white mountains. It’s so barren that you don’t even see sheep in this part of the country, and this place has always been known as the place that outlaws came to hide in the past. Along with outlaws, it’s known as the home of trolls, particularly female ones. {Incidentally, we did not see any trolls ;) }

Iceland Fountain Moss LOTUSWEI flower essences

We were driving down the gravel roads, marveling constantly at the beauty of the stark landscape, when we came upon a huge patch of fluorescent green moss. It was so out of the ordinary and breath-taking, like a slam-on-the-brakes kind of beauty.

Iceland Fountain Moss flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

Why it’s Special

In Iceland, Moss is precious. In a place that you need a down jacket pretty much year-round, Moss has the opportunity to grow in summer. But this particular Moss that we found in Hveravellir seemed miraculous, because it was so fluorescent and located in a place where literally nothing else grew for hundreds of miles. It fed off of the glacier spring waters and held droplets in its little pockets. Like Mother Nature’s perfect essence, the pristine glacier water was held in an embrace by the moss during the day’s sunshine, imbuing the water with the vibrancy of the moss and it's environment.

Iceland Fountain Moss flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals
If you find yourself attracted to Icelandic Moss, your inner child may be wanting to come out and play. You may be up for new adventures and discovery.  Maybe it’s time to explore a new place, a new hobby or experience your every day from a new perspective. Playing and being playful liberates tension and makes us more creative, productive and joyful!

Alternatively, you may be experiencing the opposite at times. Ever had one of those days when you find yourself complaining about every little thing? This happens to me every time I come back into the U.S. after being out of the country for several weeks. The reverse culture shock makes me cranky and I notice every little thing that bugs me about my home culture. Laughing, being silly and monkeying around liberates that tension.

Icelance Fountain Moss flower essence Katie Hess LOTUSWEI flower essences

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Icelandic Moss brings the essence of play back into our lives. It helps us let go of grumpy tension and awaken wonder, curiosity and the freedom we felt as a child. It helps us experience playful movement within our bodies, like the ability to roll around or run and explore. It helps us dissolve inhibition and take advantage of any opportunities we have to enjoy life and experience more freedom and playfulness in our bodies and daily lives. This is a type of play that is nourishing and revitalizing.

Iceland Fountain Moss flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

Alternatively, it soothes our systems when we’re experiencing stomachaches or other types of pain. In babies it’s a beneficial flower essence during teething or colic. Anything physical that makes us feel crunchy or crabby, Icelandic Moss brings the joy and play back alive in our systems. It’s comforting to the belly and helps us have more curiosity about any physical imbalances we may have, so we can learn from them, as well as find nourishing antidotes.

Is your inner child ready to come out and play? Want to rediscover your child-like curiosity, excitement + wonder?

Experience the magic of Icelandic Moss with its elixir!
In Essence

Magnifies: Curiosity; play; freedom 

Dissolves: Loneliness; sadness; crankiness

Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI