February 08, 2017

In each of our flower elixir blends, we also add one gemstone elixir! Each gemstone is carefully chosen to enhance + magnify the effects of the already powerful flower alchemy.  Though each stone has it's own specific qualities, all of them enhance wellness, shift your state of mind and attract positive energy.

pink tourmaline LOTUSWEI gem essence


Pink Tourmaline gemstone elixir helps us fully accept + treat ourselves with kindness. When I am surrounded with the essence of this juicy gemstone, it makes me feel beautiful + totally in tune! Some people refer to it as an aphrodisiac stone, which allows a sense of love to be attracted to you from every realm. Imagine not only feeling love from yourself + the people around you, but from the world + universe itself!

As a love magnet, Pink Tourmaline enhances understanding + compassion. From self-love stems confidence, joy + the ability to share those feelings with others. An important step in learning to love yourself is letting go of past emotional trauma, heartache + insecurities. The ability to transform that negative energy into positive, emotional energy comes from this stone. Pink Tourmaline's traits help bring out the most beautiful and loving you there is!

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flourite LOTUSWEI gem essence


Fluorite's elixir enhances intuition + brings a perception of the world beyond the five senses into awareness. If you're feeling lack of clarity or fogged consciousness, fluorite has the ability to dissolve that negative energy immediately. Once the disorganized aspects of your body are absolved, the true benefits of this stone take place. Whether in school or work, we've all worked towards a deadline with a massive project. With stress + forceful brainstorming, thinking clearly suddenly becomes a grueling task. Fluorite heightens our intuitive powers, so thinking outside of the box + having a one-pointed focus comes naturally. While the mind falls in order + gains that new, sharp focus, creativity begins to flow wildly!

The characteristics of Fluorite make it the perfect learning aid. It helps us absorb new information + promotes great problem solving techniques. Keep this elixir by your desk while you're working for a sense of clarity or inspirational drive!

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kyanite LOTUSWEI gem essence



Kyanite is a beautiful stone that magnifies mental stability. There's nothing more flustering than a mind that won't stop bouncing off the walls, especially when you are trying to be productive. Kyanite helps dissolve that mental road block in order to provide a state of clearness.

As it is the stone of clarity, Kyanite does not allow any negativity to cloud your energy. A clear state of mind can make for a peaceful meditation. This stone has the ability to infuse us with a powerful sense of calmness.

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black tourmaline LOTUSWEI gem essence


This beneficial gemstone is for protection, cleansing your energy + purifying  environments. When you experience energetic saturation, it helps your energetic system expel energies that are not your own. For example, let’s say you just came home from a party (lots of talking, shaking hands, hugging) + you feel a bit weird – like you’re carrying thoughts around from other people that don’t correspond to you. You may feel tired or have a funny feeling in your eyes or feel like you have a layer of something on your face. Or, you may experience emotions that, quite literally, are not your own.

Black Tourmaline elixir helps us cut through the saturation and break up the energetic fog. That saturation can even occur from seemingly harmless daily tasks like using your cell-phone + computer. This stone helps deter radiation from these devices. Once your system has been cleared of negative energy, your vitality and immune system experience a noticeable boost! Black Tourmaline not only cleanses your mind + body, but will protect it from absorbing more energies that are not your own!

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raw emerald LOTUSWEI gem essence


This is the perfect elixir for when we feel saturated with emotions (our own or from outside influences). Being out + about in the world makes us extremely vulnerable to energy, both good and bad. Emerald quickly breaks up and cleanses stagnant energy. It dissipates foreign energies that are emotionally dragging. 

Dissolving all that negativity brings back our inner calmness; our peaceful heart; our usual easy going nature. Emerald, a.k.a., the stone of patience, brings a blissful sense of calmness to the mind + body.

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raw garnet LOTUSWEI gem essence


The Red Garnet gemstone essence dissolves the feeling of being stuck, stagnant or apathetic. Collectively, those feelings can often lead to anger + frustration. To dissolve those damaging energies, Red Garnet magnifies cheerfulness, strength, energy + motivation.

Those positive energies leave us feeling joyous and blissful! If negative energies have us feeling down, a hint Red Garnet elixir can be the perfect pick-me-up!

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Star magic + flower petals,

Kylee Jaeger LOTUSWEI