March 14, 2022

Have you felt any of the following recently?

  • Overwhelmed by abrasive energies
  • Under attack or unfriendly environment
  • Afraid of what others think of you
  • Worried you’re doing it ‘wrong’
  • Fear of persecution or blame
  • Energetically drained, triggered or trapped
  • With the world in a state of unpredictability

If any of this resonates with you, check out LUMINOUS CHI.


Jade vine Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Jade Vine
Activate: Engagement
Message: Engage directly with the world.

If you find yourself attracted to the Jade Vine flower, there may be specific situations in your life you want to avoid or feel like running away to hide. You may have felt triggered or snagged into your—or someone else’s—emotional drama. You may have felt harassed or on display, with a desire to escape, avoid or separate yourself from the chaos.

Alternatively, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed and hypersensitive to the world around you. You may feel like your senses are under attack and that you’d like to just run + hide. You may have such high perception levels that you feel people’s emotions around you in a way that feels disturbing. You may feel like people are emotional, loud, or lonely in a manner that pulls at your own energy.

Jade Vine magnifies our ability to be fully in the world without getting affected by others’ emotions. It helps us feel protected + impervious to abrasive energies. It allows us to engage with the world in a more intimate way, because we’re not always guarding ourselves. We feel more present, expansive + connected with others, and we’re more able to see the beauty in humanity vs. only seeing the ugliness.

Jade Vine harmonizes our perception: people or situations that may have appeared previously as hostile now appear soothing. We’re more able to engage from a position of intimacy, rather than feeling triggered, snagged or attacked. It enhances a deeper level of fearlessness around being who we are, along with a truer sense of inseparability.

Jade Vine flower elixir helps us to more deeply engage with others, getting a sense of their divine nature and seeing parts of them that are harmonic, peaceful + soft. The elixir magnifies our ability to let go, let loose and open to human intimacy. When we engage on this level with others, we more often see them as divine. When we’re able to attain a deeper level of personal vulnerability, we engage with more reverence for ourselves + others.


Activate: Clear boundaries 
Message: Draw the line.

If you are attracted to Skyrocket, there may be certain people or situations in your life that require a fierce clarity. You may leak energy, feel a sense of responsibility, have a hard time saying "no" or lack clear boundaries with them.

You may even have people in your life who are energetic parasites or who don’t fully value what you have to offer them. They suck your energy and time, pester you or overstay their welcome.

Skyrocket Flower helps us stand taller and be more fearless about our self-expression or lack of expression (silence). We are no longer hooked by another’s needy energy and we can establish clear boundaries. We don’t overthink about how our words or actions will be perceived; we simply speak + execute and the pieces fall where they may.

Skyrocket puts a stop to energy leakage. People who subtly feed off of your energy or take advantage of you—even in the subtlest of ways energetically—no longer can. It sharpens your tongue, expands your aura and allows you to make a shift in the way that you interact with certain people or situations in your life. It dissolves dullness or lack of awareness and stimulates a fierceness that teaches a lesson. 

desert milkweed Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Desert Milkweed
Activate: Trust in your environment
Message: The world is a friendly place.

If you’re attracted to the Desert Milkweed, you may be feeling as the world or your environment is not a friendly place and that anything you do will be judged. There may be a sense that the projects or expression of yourself you want to bring into the world will be subject to persecution and you’ll be blamed for anything that befalls or simply just not understood.

This feeling can play it in more obvious ways, such as concern that your new business idea will not be accepted by the world at large, your family, your community. But we can also find this pattern in the day to day when we find ourselves not acting for fear of "doing it wrong" or "looking like a fool" as well as just worrying in general what others will think.

Desert Milkweed enhances one’s capacity to accept yourself as you are and not worry so much about what others think. You can speak and act more freely, because there’s less fear of being misunderstood. If you say something and it is misunderstood (which happens!), you’re able to let it go faster instead of ruminating.

Desert Milkweed allows us to see the areas of our day-to-day lives or psyche where we have subtle fears around others' perception of what we do (and, in effect, who we are), whether it’s around judgement, making someone angry or where we may be blamed for any mishaps.

It also helps you look more easily at things that scare you, even parts of yourself. You can effortlessly make space for these aspects—not seeing them as solid or fixed and “who you are,” but rather as something that is constantly shifting over time. You can better understand the parts and pieces and different personalities that you have—instead of feeling like you have crazy or grotesque parts of you, you can make enough space to get perspective, see alllll the parts of you, and then realize that you are not your pieces and parts. You are the you that is seeing them.

In this way, Desert Milkweed facilitates your ability to be seen and seeing yourself as you are. It helps you see the areas where you don’t perceive a "welcoming" environment, and then shift your perspective so that you are welcome in your own body + thereby welcome in any environment anywhere.


Nectarine Blossom LOTUSWEI flower essences

Nectarine Blossom
Activate: Sweetness
Message: You're among friends.

If you're attracted to the Nectarine Blossom, you may be experiencing low-level annoyance or feeling under attack or criticized. Or perhaps the energy in your environment is inflammatory, aggressive or uncomfortable.

You may find others’ words are harsh or jarring or that some people around don’t have your best interest at heart, causing you to pull back and clam up. You may be feeling vulnerable at the heart level, wanting to crawl under the covers or make a safe escape.

Lately you may only want to interact with people whose demeanor is gentle, sweet and soft. You deeply appreciate friendliness, camaraderie and a sense that loved ones are "on your side."

Nectarine Blossom relaxes tension caused by being on edge and feeling like we can't trust the people around us. It helps us transition from feeling a lack of safety (emotional, physical or otherwise) to feeling that we are among friends. It dissolves the desire to want to crawl into a protective shell and escape and magnifies our desire to reach out to people and engage in some kind of service.

Nectarine Blossom awakens a desire to do nice things for others and encourages sweet words, all of which transforms our environment. It enhances gentleness and softens our character, bringing out our good intentions. It fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendliness.


In each of our blends, we also add one gemstone elixir! Each gemstone is carefully chosen to further enhance + magnify the effects of the flower alchemy. Obsidian activates sharp clarity & protection and dissolves feeling foggy or dull. 


These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


I looooove the aromatherapy formula of Luminous Chi, because it’s so exotic & fruity – with an explosion of citrusy spices and the subtlest hint of warm floral underneath. I imagine walking down a path at a healing center somewhere in Asia.

Someone is receiving a Thai herbal compress treatment, and there’s an Indian Shirodhara oil treatment in process: bright Thai spices meets Indian Ayurvedic sacred.

The aroma encircles you with power and protection: Don’t mess! Underneath, there’s a softness for taking care of oneself.

Use When You Feel:

  • Fear of persecution or blame
  • Under attack or malevolent environment
  • Energetic drain or parasite
  • Feeling trapped or triggered
  • Afraid of what others think of you

What You Will Experience:

  • Feel protected + impervious to abrasive energies.
  • Be more present, expansive and connected with others.
  • Enhance a deeper level of fearlessness around being who you are.
  • Establish clear boundaries + stop energy leakage.
  • Sharpens your tongue, expand your aura and shift the way that you interact with people.
  • Become more fearless about your self-expression or lack of expression.
  • Stop worrying what others think.
  • Easily let go of misunderstandings.
  • Speak and act more freely.
  • Feel that you are among friends and foster an atmosphere of camaraderie.
  • Grow your desire to engage in some kind of service or do things for others.
  • Enhance gentleness and softness of character, bringing out your good intentions.


MAGNIFIES: Powerful engagement, clear boundaries, wild freedom

DISSOLVES: Feeling overwhelmed, attacked, trapped or drained


Love + luminous chi,