June 26, 2023

Have you felt any of the following recently?

  • Busy, distracted mind
  • Out on a limb by yourself
  • You could use a little more support
  • Embarrassed or ashamed about something
  • Guarded or that your heart has edges
  • Holding back for some unknown reason
  • Feel small, invisible, insignificant or undervalued
If any of this resonates with you DIVINE TIMING is for you.


Holiday Cactus Flower
Activate: LEGACY 
Message: Be motivated by your biggest vision

This festive, candy-cane-colored flower is one of the best flowers for planning out your legacy. It raises questions in your mind - and a different kind of awareness. It magnifies a sense of gratitude and helps you introspect on what you'll leave behind. It has you take a look at what you learned and appreciated from your family lineage and what you pass down to further generations.

Holiday Cactus flower helps us let go of the daily grind and distractions so that we can ask ourselves those greater questions and make sure that we're operating from that place in our lives. It dissolves dizzying chaos, and cuts through mindlessly doing things without an awareness of the bigger picture.

It also magnifies generosity, kindness, a sense of service and a more ever-present mindful-awareness of the domino effect of what we do on a daily basis. It helps us get clear on what's truly important to us in life. It highlights the profound importance of all the little things we do and enhances awareness of the ripple effects that we create with our actions.

All the seemingly tiny or insignificant things we do in life are incredibly important - every single one of them. Every time we do something, we're solidifying a habit, whether that habit is precise or sloppy, negative or positive. Because how you do anything is how you do everything. Also, we can uproot patterns backwards and forwards, meaning that if we're able to uproot a self-limiting pattern in our own mind, it will help our parents and siblings just as much as it helps our children.


Wild Nepali Daphne
Activate: BOLDNESS
Message: Obliterate inner obstacles & be your boldest

Collected in the sacred mountains of Nepal near a magical spring, the Wild Nepali Daphne obliterates inner obstacles so we can be the boldest version of ourselves. Even in the harshest conditions and when the path appears to be unclear, we can flourish and thrive.

Daphne refines and sharpens our north star — our ability to identify and keep coming back to what’s most important to us. Firmly established in unwavering conviction of what’s meaningful, we are free to be the boldest version of ourselves.

We gain a stronger-than-ever devotion; therefore, we’ll never lose our way. We can roam and explore freely, knowing we are forever tethered to the heartbeat of what matters most. We can be fierce, wild and wield a sword of sharpness, knowing that we are solid as a rock in our commitments.


Pink Melastoma
Activate: Compassion
Message: Embrace yourself with gentleness & accept all of you

If you’re attracted to the Pink Melastoma flower (Melastoma Malabathricum), you may long for compassionate softness. You may have habits of self-criticism or self-judgment, or feel that the world around you is harsh and overwhelming. You may see aspects of yourself that you either doubt or dislike, or experience shame around some pattern, behavior or action you take part in. You may get irritated or frustrated with parts of yourself or your limitations.

The Pink Melastoma flower feels like a warm embrace. It expands your aura into greater warmth, compassion and gentleness. It helps you acknowledge and accept all parts of yourself, even your shame, anger and self-perceived limitations. It helps you welcome your own true inner nature, as well as the sticky, rocky, edgy aspects of your character. Embracing the challenging, irritable parts of ourselves with love speeds up resolution.

This Pink Melastoma is a wild Taiwanese rhododendron species. It’s an hyperaccumulator of aluminium, meaning that it absorbs aluminum from the earth; therefore, it can be used in phytoremediation processes when there is excessive aluminum in the environment.In the same way that the flower can absorb harmful or unsavory metals from the environment and transform them, the essence of the flower can help us welcome unsavory aspects of ourselves and transform them.


If you are attracted to Angelica, you may be interested in distilling a deeper meaning from everything in life. You may feel tired of things that feel flat or superficial, yearning for a deeper authentic connection to people and a truer intimacy in relationships.

Sometimes we feel safer staying on the surface level in our conversations and experiences. Other times we feel a sense of apathy, disengagement, or worry that there is no greater meaning to the occurrences in our lives. We may fight what happens to us, try to control it or feel hopeless vs. trusting in the wisdom of life.

Angelica magnifies our everyday experience of interconnectedness and deeper meaning woven throughout everything that happens in our lives. It enhances our awareness of benevolent unseen forces and angelic or protective support. It opens up a visceral sense of magic and synchronicity, and a feeling of being fortunate, lucky and grateful. Everything around us feels whimsical and rich with meaning.

We can relinquish control and allow ourselves to trust in the way life unfolds. We have a sense that we are connected to everything and that there is divine support in all our endeavors. We experience a knowingness that we are supported by divine or beneficial good forces and we can ask for assistance or have a relationship with them.


Rain of Gold Orchid
Message: Soften hard edges & open up

If you’re attracted to the Rain of Gold Orchid (Oncidium altissimum) you may have recently experienced disappointment or felt the need to be guarded or protective. You may hold back, experience mistrust or feel that your heart has hardened. At times you may find yourself projecting negativity or being overly serious or closed off to possibilities.

The Rain of Gold Orchid elixir inspires boundless generosity of spirit, kindness and open-heartedness. It helps us open our hearts to the possibilities and surrender to the surprises of the present moment. It boosts our courage to extend ourselves and form new bonds of love. We can experience freedom of being joyful and see things in a new way so we can break down any barriers to love. We can allow ourselves to trust and feel that life is miraculous.

We can develop a joyful perspective of death, which makes enjoyment of life so easy and simple. Warmth, a few words, a smile, shared laughter, love and affection are what make life so meaningful and rich; Rain of Gold amplifies our capacity to enjoy the simple pleasures of being human and experiencing connection with one another.

Hood's Phlox
Message: Experience the power of shared vision

Collected in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming and Idaho, Wild Phlox flowers encourage you to root into the community around you and experience the power of a shared vision. It helps us identify who supports the bigger picture of what we’re up to and who we can align our forces with.

When we are seeking where we can plug in or where our talent best serves, Phlox helps us recognize others who are in our corner. Whether they are already around us, and we simply need to recognize them and ask for their help — or if we are in a sea of strangers looking to identify the most sparkly alignment, this flower clarifies our sense of when energy is harmonious and forward moving.

We’re able to more efficiently recognize the complexities of how different people interact with each other. We see who makes a good team and which combinations of people naturally expand the big picture, and with what combined talents. We notice the effects that other people have on us and we can direct our energy and assemble teams that create the swiftest results and activate all of our highest potential.


Shower of Orchids
Message: Explore your value in the world

If you’re attracted to the Shower of Orchids, you may be wanting to explore your value and contribution to the world. A part of you may be longing to unleash your full potential and full purpose in life! You may be asking yourself lately about what you offer or are capable of offering at the highest operating level of: YOU!

We’re human! Tiny little niggling fears of being unimportant, opportunities slipping away or a sense of loss around aging may run like a subtle program in the background. Unacknowledged and unchecked, these underlying fears can lead to moments of doubt, confusion, insecurity or feeling not good enough. These emotions can then manifest outwardly in our behavior, when we become quiet, hold back our wisdom or refrain from speaking up.

The Shower of Orchids elixir magnifies softness, gentleness and overflowing graciousness. It helps us fully embody and radiate our wisdom, both our innate wisdom and knowingness, as well as our experience. If we become quiet while working with Shower of Orchids, it is not out of holding back, but rather a sinking into active observation mode and actively engaging in listening to others - being more acutely aware of what is happening in between the lines.This elixir helps us more deeply understand our value in the world, fully honoring our unique contribution and impact.


These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


Divine Timing Mist & Anointing Oil contain Ylang Ylang, Rose, Cacao, Atlas Cedar & Buddhawood.

Use When You Feel or Find Yourself: 

  • Like you’re spinning in circles (vs. laser focus about what’s important)
  • When you’ve lost focus or hope
  • Surrounded by people who don’t “get” you
  • Guarded, pessimistic or afraid of getting hurt
  • Embarrassed, holding back or feeling small
  • Feeling inadequate or extraneous

Divine Timing encourages:

  • Understanding of your value in the world
  • Embrace yourself with gentleness & accept all of you
  • Step into newfound strength & conviction in what you have to offer
  • Perception of divine or unseen support
  • Radical generosity and love without attachment
  • Seeing the bigger picture of your gift to the world
  • Cut through distraction and be motivated by your biggest vision
  • Root into your community & experience the power of shared vision
  • Obliterate inner obstacles & be your boldest



MAGNIFIES: Community & legacy; taking bigger risks; love without attachment

DISSOLVES: Heart-protective mechanisms; feeling insignificant or undervalued; holding back or playing small


For this blend, we hand-collected flowers from Nepal, Taiwan, Iceland, Costa Rica, Korea, Canada, Florida and the Grand Tetons to make this possible. We even got our hands on a flowering houseplant that’s been kept alive in my family for three generations to be of service to humanity.


Love + flower petals,