March 05, 2024

Dragon year in Chinese astrology has always been special. It’s the only mystical creature of the zodiac!

However, this Dragon year is particularly auspicious, because it is a Wood Dragon year – and a combination of special elements – that we won’t experience again in this lifetime!

Wood symbolizes spring, and activates growth and expansion.

It is said that during the Wood Dragon year, you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to!

You simply must know what you want.

The time is now.

During the first three months of this year, it is PARTICULARLY auspicious & powerful to deepen in your commitments – and clarify what is most important & meaningful to you.

Right now is the most powerful period we will see in a long time.

One way to use this special energy – and exponentially magnify it – is through our most impactful offering: the Private Ceremony.

This is literally the BEST GIFT you could give yourself all year.

A Private Ceremony:
  • Amplifies your strengths & talents
  • Ushers in good luck, vibrant health & positive wealth
  • Removes obstacles & confusion
  • Acts like a lightning bolt to clarify & sharpen your mission in life
  • Washes over you like a tsunami of love & compassion
  • Transforms cellular patterns past, present & future
  • Elicits your most powerful self


If this peaks your interest, moves your heart or activates curiosity, come to the SAN Center for a Private Ceremony.

Don’t live in Arizona? Book a flight. Take a trip. It’s worth it.

Clients say they feel like they’re “in a rainforest” or in a “flower temple”.

"This was the most epic treatment I've ever had! Ceremoniously beaten with sticks, rustled in leaves, sprayed with more intoxicating flower essences than imaginable, saged, rained on, palo santo’d, rubbed with flowers, showered in flowers, hands + feet anointed with oils. I was the seed, the palm, the flower, the leaf, connecting to the cycle of life, to nature - within + out. I literally got up from the table rebirthed and anew! Katie and Taylor of LOTUSWEI have their magic down to a fine art and work together with such beautiful synchronicity. If you need some self loving and are looking for something extraordinary, then jump in quick!"

RED MILLER | Singapore

What’s included:

Flower Card Reading

Enter into a metaphorical garden of delight over a cup of hot tea with me. See what flowers you’re drawn to & what it means about you; all will be used in your treatment.

Auspicious Smoke Offering

Ancient Tibetan practice of burning precious herbs as an offering, chanted by 3-4 team members on your behalf, for auspicious good health, wealth and the ripening of your qualities.

Botanical Treatment

A divine experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Two of us simultaneously activate your physical circulation with Traditional Chinese Medicine tools. We barrage you with sensory magic, flower petals & fresh botanicals. We shower you energetically & aromatically with more than 120 flower essences and over 100 essential oils. We bathe your aura in sacred smoke & immerse you in rustling leaves & chimes. Experience deep unconditional support.

Transformative Flower Ritual

An ancient practice done in both India & Central America, the results of this ‘spiritual cleansing’ are profound.

Custom Flower Essences

Take away – or get shipped to your home – the flower remedies that will catalyze your most current profound healing & expansion for this time.

Custom Edible Experience

Always special, always sweet, always mind-blowing – the way Chef Justin weaves your comforts into the mix.

Precious Time & Space

To ask yourself what you really want. To get clear. To put it out there & blast it out with an exponential ripple effect.

What will you do to make the most of this year – and amplify the power of this special energy?

If you’d like a personal invitation to visit us & offer yourself the wish-fulfilling jewel of a Private Ceremony, this is it!

To put it simply: It works.

We feel it. Each person who receives a private ceremony feels it.

It is a pivotal experience that puts a wheel of action into motion in your life – one that is inspired by your deepest pure motivations. We put our hearts together & support you in your wishes.

Come alone, bring a friend, bring your partner, your kiddos or whoever you love!

See you soon – book your Private Ceremony here.

Questions? Email us!

Love & flower petals,