August 24, 2018

Quiz time! 

Here's the deal ~ there are 5 parts to the quiz. For every question, choose A or B + keep track of your answers. Then, find what your answers mean at the bottom of the post!

1. Which group of flowers are you most attracted to?




2. Which of these words most accurately describes where you are in your life right now?


3. Which scent families do you love?

A: Fresh, Citrusy, Bright, Green
B: Warm, Floral, Earthy, Sweet

4. When does the real you come alive?

A: Day
B: Night

5. Which flavor is your go to?

A: Salty
B: Sweet

Mostly A's? Here’s your prescription for BOOM:

Ask for what you want. Enroll in that meditation class you’ve been thinking about. Take more breaks. Delegate. Embrace your out-of-the-box ideas + wild creativity. Take more risks. Stand tall + put your heart up toward the sky. Create more space in your schedule to open to flashes of insight. Finish any unfinished business + speak your mind.

Mostly B's? Here’s your prescription for EMBODY:

Nourish your body + nurture your inner child. Soften into your heart + spend time around people who love you as you are. Watch a comforting movie that lifts your heart or spend time snuggling with your pets. Do what you love + what brings you joy. Take a bath, sit in the sauna or go swimming. Go dancing + embrace your wildest self.

Does this resonate?

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BOOM here.
EMBODY here.

Love + flower petals,