June 01, 2020


Bonsai Plum Blossom inspires within us a gentle, motherly love that allows us to make mistakes, to fail and to be imperfect on the first try. It dissolves the desire for perfectionism, and eases tensions around fear of failure, judgement and criticism. Instead, we can explore with curiosity, and feel more free in our bodies. We can take continual risks outside of our comfort zone, because comfort resides within us.


Surrender into the wisdom & love within your own heart with Divine Within. Infused with 9 flower remedies for self-fulfillment, gentleness & nourishment, it helps you soften to life's challenges with compassion, acceptance & devotion. It dissolves barriers to nourishment and awakens your ability to love yourself.



I collected the Bonsai Plum Blossom from a supremely skilled Japanese gardener named Sake, who lives in Santa Monica, California. The plum tree was a hardy bonsai growing in the ground, coming up to about mid-thigh and rounded out with thick roots and large, showy pink blossoms. 


If you’re attracted to the Bonsai Plum Blossom, you may struggle with perfectionism or fear of judgment, criticism or attack. Rather than experience the freedom to take wild risks out of your comfort zone, you may stop short as a result of underlying fears. You may occasionally experience fear of being seen, or a desire to hide when all eyes are on you. You may be evasive, elusive or sweep things under the rug for fear of blame or conflict, not because you are irresponsible, but because it seems easier in the moment to avoid confrontation.

Alternatively, you may have the tendency when decision-making to believe there is only one right way, (and you must figure out that one right way, or else ...). This approach can intensify a simple decision into an almost life or death decision, because there is a fear of failure, getting it wrong or missing an opportunity.


Plum Blossom is a gentle, motherly love that allows us to make mistakes, to fail, to be imperfect. It allows us to experience different things and develop an ability to get better and better over time. Rather than allow perfectionism or fear of failure/judgment to prevent us from acting, we’re able to experience more freedom to explore, experiment and be curious.

Rather than asking ourselves, ‘What’s the safest route?’ we ask, ‘What will allow us to flourish most quickly?’. No longer any tension or fear of harm, we experience freedom in our movements, both in terms of the physical body -- as well as the next moves we make.

Bonsai Plum Blossom allows us to take bigger risks while still feeling supported. It offers a firm stability and foundation from which we can make choices, and boosts our inner stability so we can flourish in any environment: we feel untouchable!

Instead of believing there is only one right way, we can try new things. Taking risks feels exciting and multipathed -- that there are lots of options if it doesn’t work out, rather than constantly making decisions based on avoidance of danger.


The Plum Blossom is one of the most beloved flowers in East Asia, celebrated in poetry and art.

It originated near the Yangtze River in Southern China and later spread to other parts of Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam.

The Plum Blossom is commonly included in traditional Chinese poetry and is one of the ‘Four Gentleman’ in Chinese painting, also known as the ‘Four Noble Ones’. In traditional ink painting, Plum Blossom represents winter and is a harbinger of spring.

It flowers from January through late February; as it often blooms when there is still snow on the ground, it is known for its ethereal qualities. It is said that its fragrance persists despite the cold winter air, symbolizing beauty, purity and hope.

Plum Blossoms and fruits are used in cooking, from condiments to beverages to sweet treats, and they are also revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

According to Japanese tradition, the ‘ume’ or plum acts as a protective charm against evil. Planting it in the northeast corner of the garden protects from evil winds and eating pickled plums for breakfast is said to keep misfortune away.


MAGNIFIES: Gentleness, tenderness and motherly, protective love toward yourself; ability to flourish and take bigger risks with curiosity, exploration and experimentation; untouchable in the external world; experiencing more freedom in your body; feeling secure in love relationships.

DISSOLVES: Fear of not being perfect; fear of being judged, criticized, blamed or attacked; fear of being judged on social media, revenge or being in harm’s way; desire to hide or run away; sense that we are unlucky or cursed in some way; fear of black magic.

MISCELLANEOUSCan also be indicated when feeling unlucky or living in an area of the planet that is war-torn or that has experienced epidemics, when there is a heaviness of circumstance, or unlucky feeling. Also indicated for skeletons in your closet.


Along with being one of the flowers featured in the Divine Within Collection, Bonsai Plum is also available as a single elixir.

Because each flower has its own unique specialty, single flower elixirs can target very specific patterns. The effects of single flower elixirs are often more subtle, yet they go deeper, hitting the bullseye. While it may take longer to discern the shifts taking place, the effects can be profound.


Love + flower petals,