November 03, 2015

During the month of October, we researched the effects of flower essences on a friend who has never taken flower essences before. With the help ZYTO Bio-Communication technology, we were able to see how flower essences are working on an energetic level to transform a person's wellbeing + state of mind.

For our flower-powered experiment, our friend Justin was willing and excited to be the subject for the test. We asked him to not change any part of his lifestyle during the month of the experiment, so that the results of the test would not be effected by change in diet, exercise, etc. Justin took the Inner Peace Flower Elixir for one month - 5 drops, 5 times a day. The ZYTO Bio-Mapping test was conducted twice; before taking flower essences, and after 3 weeks of taking the flower elixir.

Over a year ago, Justin was in a major bicycling accident that caused a severe concussion + serious brain trauma. Aside from the physical symptoms he was experiencing (fatigue, lack of concentration, restless sleep, memory loss), the emotional effects of the concussion were what affected his healing the most. With heightened emotions, his anger was easily triggered and he felt unhappy and unfulfilled on a regular basis. Thoughts like he wasn't good enough or smart enough were often dominating positive affirmations. Once the guy that could hang out and have an intriguing conversation with literally anyone, he felt anxiety from being in social situations. He lacked the confidence to do things that many people once admired him for; write and play music, build modern home furnishings from scrap wood, talk about complex topics he was proud to be educated in, etc. With all of these symptoms that were out of his control, he was left thinking he would never be the Justin he was before the accident.

ZYTO bio-mapping is done through the exchange of information between a computer and a body. First, ZYTO sends an energetic pulse through the body called a Virtual Stimulus Item (VSI). The computer then records and measures the body's energetic response to the pulse - very similar to how a lie-detector test works. The technology measures the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) patterns and determines shifts in energy to identify biological preferences. For Justin, the VSI's that were sent into his body to measure were signals that related to: Cognitive Functioning, Fatigue + Male Hormones.

These are the results:

Anything inside of the circle is declared as balanced. The dots outside of the circle are things that the body is indicating as a stressor, or things that are out-of-balance. From here, the practitioner would then pump frequencies that the computer suggests into a tincture made up of alcohol + several types of oil (a mixture that can hold an energetic frequency), and have the patient take it for a month and come back and test the results. Since we wanted to test our Flower Elixirs, this step was skipped and Justin used the Inner Peace Elixir instead. After one month of regular use, Justin noticed many shifts in his well-being from establishing flower essences in his life:

  • Recognition of the symptoms he was having and desire to work with and accept them.
  • Ability to concentrate, even in times of stress + transition.
  • Experienced an emotional boost and realized he is himself and he is good enough, no matter what.
  • Overcame his confidence issues - started vocalizing desires + was much more assertive in expressing what he wanted.

Although we felt like we didn't need a computer to convince us of these results, we went ahead and finished the experiment with the last ZYTO Bio-Mapping appointment. With the practitioner putting in the same VSI signals that were measured in the first session (Cognitive Reasoning, Fatigue, Male Hormones), these are the results:

The amount of stressors were significantly lessened and as a result, more balanced. The stressors that remain on the outer part of the circle all were attributed to imbalances in neurotransmitters - which given a few more months of consistent use of flower remedies, it would be interesting to see how these stressors continued to balance themselves out. The holistic practitioner stated that with a case as severe as Justin's, she did not expect the results to be so powerful + conclusive. Because of all of these changes + the boost of confidence Justin experienced, we asked for him to reflect on any successes that came about during the month he was taking Inner Peace:

  • He signed up for the United States Bartender Guild + recently wrote a full cocktail list for a local wine bar + bistro.
  • Received his first B, since the accident, in a sped up half-semester college course (he failed the same course last semester).
  • Made meaningful connections with leaders in sustainability that lead him to an incredible internship opportunity in Mexico.
  • Started playing in a band again.
  • Began going out and meeting people + doing things that he wasn't confident enough to do before.

Nothing short of astonishing. Much like other holistic remedies, the concept of flower remedies can be hard to understand and accept. From my experience with working with flower essences for the past 15 years, the results that I have witnessed provide the proof that they are transforming the lives of those that use the elixirs - but for some, the powerful language of flowers can be difficult to comprehend. And I totally understand that. I hope these results provide the confidence to believe in the magic of nature.

Love + flower petals,