May 14, 2024

What we aim to do with our notes – is find ways to support you with flower essences for vibrant health & wild transformation.

And sometimes …
It’s also nice to share the behind-the-scenes of what we’re up to.

Kind of like an update from a best friend.

So here are some things we’ve had going on!

First – we devoted some serious time & resources to the community of Boulder, Colorado.

Traveling as a group is so. Much. Fun.

It’s also when we have the most challenges and obstacles – and face everything openly along the way – like packing Lisa’s ankle with snow after she sprained it.

We hosted a private gathering at our AirBnb in Boulder. We were so busy, we don’t even have photos of the event – just the prep – and couch crash at the end, ha.

We did a space/energy clearing for one of our partners, Alive and Well, for their new center in Boulder, to create auspicious conditions for their success!

And we trained their incredible staff of veteran health coaches and herbalists.

We celebrated the Alive & Well Boulder Grand Opening with a flower-powered Happy Hour. We met so many lovely people!

We dedicated our efforts that week to the entire greater Boulder community – with multiple flower offerings.

Then Lisa, Alan & I traveled to Texas.

We trained the doctors and clinic staff at the Alive and Well in Austin – and hosted a community happy hour.

I was invited last-minute to be on Kimberly Van der Beek’s podcast, so we went out to her beautiful land.

The highlight was seeing her garden, smelling the fresh herbs and hearing her stories!

On the way to our next stop, we met with our friend Adam in Blanco, TX. A former fighter jet pilot in the military, now he's a Chiropractor versed in Applied Kinesiology.

After a drive through rural Texas with carpets of orange, yellow and indigo wildflowers we arrived at the Sovereignty Ranch.

I spoke about flower remedies and we offered a healing tent at the Confluenceevent.

A beautiful cat came to spend time with us at the healing tent and slept under Alan’s table the whole time he was working with clients.

I did hours and hours of flower readings & every. single. person. picked Japanese Camellia as one of their flowers. #collectivetheme

On the way back to Austin, we spent time with our friends Holly & Sean, the owners of Wildcraft in Charleston, South Carolina and Ron & Amanda, who own a beautiful clinic in Austin called Heal.

We got up at 4am to fly back to Phoenix – and arrived just in time to meet the rest of our team for a building and community blessing by traveling Tibetan Monks.

The entire energy in the building transformed in a beautiful, palpable way!

During the last few weeks, we’ve hosted so many Private Ceremonies & Smoke Offerings! Of which Ichi played a key part in her presence. ; )

And lots of yummy food dished up by customized delight by Justin and Maggie.

Scott, our partner & the owner of Element Yoga in Rochester, New York came to visit the SAN Center. We’re so grateful for partners who believe in what we do as much as we do! (flower essences in all their yoga classes, treatments & cafe).

Our partner & visiting practitioner, Kaitlin Western, flew in from Australia to offer a week’s worth of applied kinesiology treatments. I had my first appointment with her & she put me on a 3-flower regimen – flowers I never would have chosen for myself, that totally hit the spot!

We collected 6 new flower essences!

Three different colors of prickly pear flowers, fairy duster, California poppy and ocotillo flower!

You’ll be seeing those filter through the Flowerevolution program and upcoming new products soon!

Thank you for weaving the flower essences into your life, and being a beacon of light in YOUR community!

Drop us a line if you have any inspiring stories.

Love & flower petals,