December 29, 2015

You know good music when it stops you in your tracks. Everything stops. You could hear a pin drop. All busy mind thoughts cease. Your eyes can follow every millimeter of a bead of sweat rolling down the musician’s neck.

The musicians become one with their instruments, each other & everything around them. We're inseparable from the music as they invite us in ... and we're all feeling inexplicably a part of something bigger than ourselves. Now we’re hanging on the edge of our seats for every note, every movement and every sensation the music provokes inside us.

It’s been YEARS since I heard musicians that were this talented, and so present - they are making love with their music. They are channeling the divine through their bodies, fingertips and the strings of their instruments.

If you’re in the Phoenician valley, Simply Three is so worth seeing live. They are playing nightly at the Botanical Garden during the Luminarias - and usually have concerts at the Mesa Arts Center (call them for a ticket instead of booking online - they sell out fast!).

Experiencing their magic live is such a special treat, but they also make exquisite videos.

What music has stopped you in your tracks lately? Comment below!

Love & flower petal music,

katie hess flower alchemist