10 reasons to attend our Costa Rica retreat

June 27, 2019

If you’ve been dreaming about attending the Costa Rica Retreat, now’s the time to book a room. We have just a handful of rooms left for the upcoming retreat:

November 9-16, 2019 7 days

7 nights. Time to breathe, release, introspect + explore yourself.

This is an all-inclusive retreat. Every detail is included. All you need to do is show up at the airport in Liberia. The shuttle will pick you up, whisk you away to Nosara, and we'll take excellent care of you all week long. Your payment includes:

  • Private or shared bedroom at a gorgeous property in the jungle near the beach
  • Beautiful meals and drinks
  • 1:1 sessions with my favorite hand-picked practitioners in acupuncture, meditation instruction + intuitive coaching
  • Different orchid elixirs each day designed to liberate your wildest self Meditation, movement, embodiment + introspective writing
  • All the dark chocolate you can eat, seriously
  • Botanical treatment with local plants
  • Trips to secluded beaches with tide pool floating + sand scrubs
  • A silent day that blows your mind
  • Free time to work on a project, journal, read, wander + explore the local town, or just relax and do absolutely nothing

Why come to this retreat? 10 reasons:

1. Because “floating in tide pools” is on your bucket list.

2. Because you’d love to start your morning with locally-roasted coffee, tamarind juice, fresh pineapple, caramelized plantains … in a lush, peaceful jungle setting a stone’s throw from the ocean. Yes please.

3. Because a whole week where other people feed you beautiful fresh food (and you don’t have to cook or wash dishes) sounds like heaven. Food is so healthy and yummy - eat as much as your heart desires without feeling bloated or uncomfortable.

4. Because you’ve been telling yourself, “I need to take better care of my health.” A week of gentle stretching, walking, beach time, fresh air, sunshine, starlight … yesss. Just what your body needs.

5. Because you love the sound of acupuncture in the jungle, chocolate meditations in the ocean + intuitive coaching sessions at the beach.

6. Because drinking a different Costa Rican orchid elixir each day for inner exploration excites you.

7. Because you’re a mom/CEO/entrepreneur/manager/very busy person and you’ve spent the last 2,000 weeks of your life taking care of other people’s needs, putting out fires, wanting a space to explore yourself/explore your edges. It’s time for 1 week that’s for you.

8. Because your spirit is craving a slower, gentler pace of life. Waking up to the sound of birds or howler monkeys, not honking horns outside your window. Sunset swims instead of traffic jams. Space to just be instead of email overload.

9. Because you love learning new self-care, mindfulness + embodiment techniques and you’d enjoy learning some new tools — auricular therapy with jewels, 9-round breathing, absorbing energy from the plants around you. Yes ~ bring it on.

10. Because this is it. Your one + only life. And sometimes you just need to book that flight and say, “Yes.”

See you in Costa Rica!

PS. Want to come…but can’t make the full payment right this second? Choose the installment option when you’re registering and you can divide your payment into 3 installments paid over the course of the next few months. The payment plan option ends July 1, so if you want this, go here now. Any questions? Email Kate at earthaura@lotuswei.com.

PPS. Want to come … but don’t see the room available that you want? Or you want a room all to yourself and all you see are doubles? Let us know. There’s a chance we might be able to finagle another room or two. We’d just need to know right away.

PPPS. If you can’t come to Costa Rica, but you'd like to start feeling lighter … like life is effortless, check out Gamechanger. I fell in love with Ylang Ylang when I was in Costa Rica the first time; it inspired the aromatherapy scent for that blend and surprisingly (or not!) it was the most popular blend with our past retreatants in Costa Rica.