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As the first carnivorous plant flower in our collection, Venus Flytrap helps us get crystal clear on what it is that we want and create the right conditions for making it happen - our actions match our priorities. Then, just as the plant waits in stillness to attract a fly, we are able to rest in clarity so we may snap into action when the right opportunities arise. Inspiring laser focus + certainty, Venus Flytrap instills us with the ability to jump into electric action at just the right moment. Read more here!




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By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

My stillness cultivates my clarity.
My actions support my priorities.
I attract the perfect opportunities.
I take electric action.
I know what I want.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, resting in clarity + ready to jump into electric action. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

venus flytrap flower essence lotuswei flower essences



Click here for the Spontaneous Knowledge transcript
Click here for the Aligning Actions with Priorities transcript
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What in my life feels ‘muddied’ or unclear?  

Is there anything I say I want that my actions do not support?

How can I fine-tune aligning my actions with my priorities?

What aspects of my life would benefit from stillness?

Where can I take more conscious action vs. escaping into busy-ness?

When do I hesitate? When do I ‘wait and see?’

What is my number one priority, right now? 


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Venus Flytrap Support Guide here.

venus flytrap lotuswei flower essences



If your initial response is always to ‘do’, jump into action and stay busy, practice pausing before engaging. Ask yourself: “Does this action match my priorities? Will this bring me closer to what I want?”

Ask yourself - “What can I do today to bring me closer to my goals?"

Go outside and sit with Mother Nature (or look outside if it’s too dang cold!) Explore her ‘right timing.’ When does she rest, how does she create the proper conditions, when does she snap into action? What lessons can we take from her?

venus flytrap flower essence lotuswei flower essences






Mist LOTUSWEI flower essences



Bloom into yourself:

  • Take risks with confidence
  • Step fearlessly into the unknown
  • Create the life you want to live

Use me when you feel:

  • Insecure about what you offer to the world
  • Fearful of taking the next big step toward what you want
  • A lack in confidence that you have what it takes

    (We haven't released Full Bloom as of yet! But you can get the anointing oil here and the mist as part of our BOOM mist kit. Remember to use your discount!)



    Teaching 1 - Venus Flytrap and Spontaneous Knowledge

    So the way that I found the Venus Flytrap wasn't any major crazy traveling and exotic story. I just simply saw one at a local plant shop, and I was sort of entranced by it and brought it home. And just ... The whole idea of carnivorous plants is so fascinating, and was totally shocked when, a week or so later, it bloomed these tiny little white flowers. Incredibly beautiful white flowers. And it just seemed wild that it bloomed, and so I made a flower essence out of it. And we later found out that it's so rare that they bloom in cultivation. That most times they only bloom when in the wild. And when they do, it takes so much life force that they usually die afterwards, and so for them to bloom in cultivation is super rare.

    But anyway, one of the lessons from the Venus Flytrap is this idea of waiting in stillness and then being able to take action in the moment that it's needed. And I think that ... Oh my goodness. So many times in life we are trying to plan for the future, meaning ... And I don't mean plan finances and retirement. I mean those are all great things, if we manage to do them. But I mean, "What do I do if XYZ happens?" Or "What will I do if this happens?" Or "How am I going to maneuver this situation?"

    We very often find ourselves going into the future. Even today, random example. It's new moon, and it's less than two weeks ago that my sweetheart doggie passed. And we'd set up today for the day for her cremation, because one of my roommates came home from being out of town for a really long time, so she got to see her one last time before we cremated her. And it was like - oh my gosh - the whole process takes like two and a half to three hours. And I find myself asking myself, "Am I going to sit there and and wait the whole time, or am I going to want to leave?"

    And it's just really funny, this habitual pattern of wanting to know something before it happens. When it seems that - in most cases, if not all - it's so much better and more natural to just wait until you're in that final moment and then just know what needs to be done in that moment. Or imagining scenarios, or meeting with an investor. What if he says this? Or meeting with someone that you're in a relationship with, and you're having a difficult conversation. What if they say that? Or all the what-ifs or what if I am in this situation? Or what if I have to choose between this thing and this thing, or what am I going to ...

    I mean, I think that if you're listening to this, you can probably relate that we do this. We try to anticipate and orchestrate and sort of ... I don't know why we do that. Is that to smooth things out, or to feel prepared, or feel like we're in control, or feel like we have a good plan? I'm not sure why we do that. To feel prepared, I guess. To do the right thing. To not be caught in the situation of not knowing what to do in the moment. But in practicing more and more and more and more and more these days of arriving in that moment and just asking, "What is needed in this moment?" Or arriving to a difficult conversation and just having that conversation in the moment without thinking about anything beforehand.

    And, in fact, coming "unprepared" is sometimes the best way to do things. Even in some talks that I give, or workshops, having a framework is really nice. But then allowing spaciousness, to be able to grab a thought as it comes. Or let's say something like a spontaneous story arises, and being able to share that, versus being so locked down tightly to a plan that we've pre-determined.

    So Venus Flytrap elixir helps us do that. It helps us sort of sit in stillness. It helps us be aware and be ready, and be super in tune and feel our way through things. We don't have to know what's going to happen. We don't have to anticipate. We don't have to have a plan. We don't have to control anything. We don't have to be prepared. And, in fact, being unprepared is quite healthy. And Venus Flytrap helps us be really in tune with what's right for us in the moment.

    And then when the moment comes, we know exactly how to act, what to say, what to do, when to just be quiet. It helps us conserve our energy. Imagine all that energy we're conserving by not pre-fixing everything, or pre-planning everything. It doesn't turn out the way we plan anyway when we plan, so allowing ourselves the freedom to be unprepared and to be fresh, and operate out of freshness. Spontaneity. Pure spontaneous response to whatever arises in the moment.

    So something to reflect on this week is just simply to notice when you find your mind trying to orchestrate things that will be happening in the future. You can chuckle about it and just gently remind yourself that you don't have to have it figured out. And that you're taking an elixir of the Venus Flytrap that will help you know exactly what you need to do in the moment, spontaneously, as it's all unfolding.

    And you can ask yourself, "When do I do that? In what situations?" Is it typically when it's a hard situation, or a difficult or uncomfortable situation? Or where we're worried about the outcome, or doing something incorrectly? Are we worrying about being perfect?

    That's the question for this week: When do you notice yourself trying to orchestrate events before they even happen? And then the practice is allowing yourself to meet things as they arise in the moment.


    Teaching 2 - Aligning Actions with Priorities

    One of the most important aspects about the Venus Flytrap Elixir is its ability to help us really hone in on what our priorities are. These could be ... things that really move the dial. And they could be things that are sort of more practical like getting your taxes paid or filed rather, or figuring out a money situation or your travel situation for the year or what your big goals are. And really orienting yourself toward making moves on things that are really important to you versus getting stuck in the little easy details. It's like a continual reminder to come back to your biggest priorities and those things that will move the dial the most for you and also create the kind of life that you want to live.

    I know a lot of people have been reaching out to me actually saying that Venus Flytrap is their new favorite elixir ever, of all time. One person texted me saying that it reminded her of the Night-Blooming Cereus effects. I've definitely noticed in my own personal life and in business and in the company and work and pretty much everywhere. For me, personally, what's showing up that seems to be unusual or interesting or noteworthy is that I definitely am focusing in on those priorities that are aligned with my biggest goals and more able to speak the truth and to notice where I'm aligned and not aligned,or where a situation, an opportunity, person, place, thing - where anything is perfectly aligned or not as aligned. Then being able to look at ways. if it's not aligned, can I make it be aligned. If not, then just really quickly dump it and move on to the next thing.

    There's definitely the quality of kind of feeling your way through things a little bit where it's like really sensing from the inside out, what's most important to you and what feels in alignment.There's no ... It's less of the sort of mental figure-it-out energy and more just sort of noticing those natural inclinations that you're taking. What actions are you taking now when you're working with the Venus Flytrap often?

    Oh, and I should mention - I think we need to share the video - that each month now we're working with our acupuncturist here in house and she's testing the Flowerevolution elixir!

    We will give you the results of what she's finding ... when she tested me on it - on my pulse - she noticed that it worked directly on the heart and the lungs and that it very, very quickly removed stagnation and stuckness. Just like having it close to the body or taking it internally, instantly cut through stuckness, stagnancy, and nourished the heart and the lungs.Every month we'll be testing the different effects of the elixirs through the TCM - or the Traditional Chinese Medicine system - as well and report back to you what we notice.

    But for this week, I would say, the question to ask yourself is:What are my priorities? What are my biggest priorities?

    If you get stuck, you can think about you know the main buckets of like money, travel, goals, work, creativity, impact, expression in life, relationships ... self care, health, wellness, personal goals ... and noticing when your actions align with your priorities.

    That's really the biggest question: What are your priorities? What are your priorities? What are your biggest, baddest priorities?


    Teaching 3 - Most Meaningful Magical Priorities

    I know we talked about priorities last week with the Venus Flytrap, but I'm going to talk about priorities again this week because I just think it's such a huge topic and that is what's really being stirred up in me as I take the elixir. For example, last night we just had a long weekend of events and I see how the elixir - even when you're really busy - it just sort of pares everything down to the most important ... like “What's the most important thing for me to do right now? Today there's a million things to do. What's the most important thing for me to do?” And we can't go wrong, right? If we just keep doing the most important thing.

     And then last night I took some time to write in my notebook. I did two things. One is, what are the biggest priorities for this year? And just allow myself to like bullet journal those down, and like see, notice which things come to mind first and just be really curious and really open about what pops up.

    For me for example, it's like Azores. I need to go to Azores and collect flower essences and soak in hot springs. I don't know anything about Azores but it just keeps popping up on my mental list. So I'm paying attention to that and trusting that there is an important reason why I need to go there and collect flower essences.

    Another thing to think about would be priorities in terms of people. I've been having this conversation with some folks about this whole cliché, tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you'll become. Or tell me the names of the five people you spend most of your time with, and I'll tell you who you'll become. It sounds cliché, but it's absolutely true. And it's true because of the energetic packets of information that we're constantly sharing even if we're not touching, we're just spending lots of time with people, we're constantly exchanging belief systems. I believe largely that what we can create in this life is based on what we believe we can create in this life.

    And so you're going to want to be spending time around people that have big belief systems, if that makes sense, if you want big things. But that aside, just thinking about who are the top five people that you feel like you really need to spend more time with. You may already have your core set of people that you either live with or work with or know yourself to be spending a lot of time with. But if you ask yourself the question, who are three people for example, that I just feel drawn to spending more time with for some reason? Maybe they're not in your city, maybe you have to make a little effort to see them and take a trip, fly, get on a phone call or Zoom, whatever that is. Who are the people that you feel like you want to spend more time with for some reason?

    And then I did an exercise - this is probably all in the course of like 20 minutes, so it doesn't have to be long and drawn out - it can be really quick. I did an exercise of sort of looking at all the things I had written down and then really sharpening in and asking myself if I knew that I were going to die in one year - and not like in a dramatic emotional way - but just sort of like … if I had a limited amount of time, how would that sort of sift and siphon the things that I want to create or do or people I want to be around? How would that tightened things up even more so I know the top five things I must accomplish so that I can start putting my time towards that. Because for example, if I want to take a trip to Azores there's just a lot of research and planning involved in that and that's a silly example. But if that's one of the top five, which I can't remember if it was, it might not have been in the top five, then I need to like put time towards that and make that a priority right now.

    We're already in February, we're going to be in March soon. Like the year is flying by. So Venus Flytrap has me just by the day in the moment to moment, getting super clear about what the priorities are. In a way that's not busy, in a way that's super present, in a way that's super in tune with the people around me. And in that same way of being in a very still place so that I can hear the really quiet little whispers of what are the big priorities that may or may not make sense to you.

    For example, some of the women who came to our retreat in Costa Rica last fall sort of came on a whim, they didn't know much about the retreat. We don't really give people that much information about what we're going to do. Just sort of like a feel, brush stroke view of what the retreat feels like. And a lot of the women just sort of like felt drawn and felt like they needed to make it a priority. So it's that super subtle listening to, sometimes we call it the golden threads. These little whispers of things that feel juicy and energized and sort of call to you that inspire you, that wake up your creativity, that wake up your greatness, that wake up your potential. That wake up something that you don't currently know right now. They wake up a part of you that you're growing into.

    So I know this is getting a little abstract, I hope it makes sense. But it's sort of like, let's say you have a value of spending time with family and you've always had that all your life. Well then maybe you already have that woven into the fabric of your being that spending time with family is just important. So that might not be on your list of priorities it might be something that you are ... Because you're already going to do that. Maybe something that is calling to you in some way that's unexpected that will lead you toward the unfolding or development of a greater vision that your intellectual mind may not even be able to wrap its head around yet.

    So I share with you these little super quick baby exercises, in hopes that maybe you can do the same and to make sure that what you're spending your precious time on is what's really and deeply meaningful to you and also taking you to the unfolding of your full potential in the way that you most creatively desire.

    So I'm just thinking if there's anything else. If you can carve out 20 minutes this week to ... You want to do something similar, just sort of whatever comes to your brain, first stream of consciousness write down. What's really important to you for the rest of this year? Something you want to do, people you want to spend time around, things that just call your attention. Almost like on a color palette. What's the color that grabs you? What's the flower that grabs you, the person, the place, the experience, what you're creating. What are your top priorities?

    And then, making sure you include the top three people that maybe you aren't spending time with currently, but they sort of call to you or their essence calls to you because they are eliciting a specific quality within you or there's some sort of exchange that would like to take place.

    And the third thing was if you only had a year, so if your time was really limited and this year was the only year that you had, how would that siphon or winnow down your list even more of the most important thing. So that you know where to start spending your free time or your time in general. And start first with the things that matter most to you.

    Because I think a lot of us have a habit of buying a new dress and then putting it in the closet. I'm sure we've all had that experience of buying something really beautiful and then sort of like tucking it away for later, or some people have their like most beautiful chinaware, or gorgeous Japanese Sake glasses or ceramic, but it's like tucked away somewhere. And so it's pulling all of that out. What's the most beautiful expression, the nicest things, the most juicy magical experiences that you can dream up and then putting your focus and your energy and your time and your effort there. Versus waiting for a better day that doesn't come? Now's the time.

    That is the magic of Venus Flytrap. If you can take 20 minutes to carve aside and ask yourself those three questions:

    • The things you really want to do this year,
    • The people you really want to spend time with and possibly the essence or the quality that they're bringing on in you or the exchange that might take place in the value you can offer them.
    • And if you only had a year to come, if you only had a year left in your lifetime, that's it. How would that winnow down your list? Even more?

    So, have fun with this exercise. I know I did. It doesn't take a lot of time. You can do it on a lunch break, on the train, before bed. It's really fun. So, keep taking your Venus Flytrap and can't wait to hear stories about how this is tightening up the sails on your ship and the direction that you want to go, that you most want to go in.


    Teaching 4 -