Burning plants as an offering + purification ritual has been in practice for millennia, across every culture. The burning of special plants releases the vibrational energy of their qualities, and the smoke is used as offering, carrying prayers and aspirations into the universe.


Visualize the smoke transforming into anything precious that you want to offer: flowers, gemstones, stars, moons, mountains, perfumed waters to bathe in, delicious beverages, fruits, yummy food, music, scents, lights, offering goddesses – really anything you want! 

Anything that you behold as special, sacred or beautiful is of immense benefit.

All the various beings that you can offer to could include:
teachers, compassionate beings, wisdom holders, protectors + guardians, family, friends, loved ones, ones to whom we owe karmic debts and ones who create obstacles. 


Your dedication is what seals the practice and magnifies the vastness and ripple effect of the benefit.