July 25, 2018


I first became aware of Sayer Ji through his work, namely his site Green Med Info, which is AMAZING. If you’ve ever wanted to know about the effects of a medication or the benefits of a natural remedy, this. is. the. site.

Sayer + his team have poured over articles and list credible studies that you can refer your friends and families too.

Have a friend who’s wondering about vaccines for her child? Send her there. Know someone curious about the health effects of flying on an airplane. Find it there. Wondering about a medication your Mom/Dad is taking? Send them there.

The search function on the site is fantastic - just type in the topic + you’ll be in the know.

If you love taking herbs and getting acupuncture, and yet you come from a more conventional family (in terms of health), this is the perfect resource to share with your loved ones (especially when they won’t listen to you, because you’re too close).

This year I had the great honor of meeting Sayer in person, and hung out with he and a group of like-minded folks in Florida. Sayer is super aware, in tune, brilliant (watch out for his massive vocabulary on the podcast) and has his finger on virtually all of the most cutting edge health + wellness info.

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On this episode, we talk about all kinds of things:
  • The powerful effects of sunlight
  • Plant medicine
  • Epigenetics
  • Quantum Biology
  • Geoengineering
  • The effects of air travel on your body and how to mitigate that
  • New Biology + the body’s miraculous ability to regenerate
  • Sayer’s TOP 5 tips for health + wellness

More about Sayer:

Sayer Ji is an author, activist, speaker, and widely recognized thought leader in the natural health and wellness space. He is also a reviewer at the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed, Vice Chairman of the Board of the National Health Federation, advisory board member for the World Mercury Project, and Co-Founder of Exosome Media GroupSayer is a Reviewer and Editor at The International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, a Steering Committee Member of the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC), Vice Chairman of National Health Federation Advisory Board Member of Fearless Parent, and Co-Founder of Alliance for Vaccine Awareness.

Recently, Sayer has been featured in “What’s With Wheat” on Netflix & numerous other programs.

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