Radical Ok-ness During Rapid Change

April 08, 2020

EP 142: Radical Ok-Ness During Rapid Change with Robin Sandomirsky

In today’s podcast with Robin Sandomirksky, she talks about ‘radical ok-ness’ during a time of rapid change, when we are liberating collective and individual fears. She shares what she’s seeing arise in her community both on and offline.

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I especially love when Robin talks about:
  • Feeling connected even if we're physically separate from loved ones. This is a practice that comes in very handy for so many situations in life: empty nesting, being apart from someone you love, moving to another city, state, country, or when a loved one dies.
  • Seeing what’s happening outside of us as a reflection of our own creation and projection. A mind twister for sure, but akin to Buddhist philosophy regarding the nature of the mind, this method of seeing what arises around us, gives us something to work with and a means to take charge within ourselves.
  • Now as a time to discover what we really LOVE and of becoming a greater leader. We are constantly redefining ourselves and what we love in life. Focusing on what we LOVE is always contagiously fun and magnetizing.
  • How to find the answers within -- instead of searching on your phone or laptop. A big one … in the last weeks I find myself watching videos on youtube/ig and searching twitter feeds for certain threads & hashtags. I watch the briefings every night and listen carefully. And then in the morning I wake up and remember that sitting in my meditation practice looking at the trees wakes up true wisdom inside me so I can infuse that into all my work. And that’s what truly matters in the long run.

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More about Robin:

Robin lives in small town New England with her two kiddos and a small collection of unruly four legged light bringers. When she's not working, her days include getting the kids off to school, quick blending green smoothies, sneaking in time for morning pages and awareness shifting practices, romping barefoot in the woods, reading any book she can get her hands on, feeling behind on laundry, exploring awakening, texting with kindreds while walking the dog, and wondering what to make for dinner.

Robin began studying telepathy and traditional shamanic healing practices in 1998 and earned an MA in counseling psychology in 2008. She has been teaching movement, meditation and spiritual practices, and offering private and group session work in multiple modalities for almost twenty years.

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