Chinese Medicine for Your Pets

December 19, 2018

EP 65: Chinese Medicine for Your Pets with Peggy LaCombe 

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What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why Peggy made the transition from a traditional veterinarian practice to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • How to treat things like anxiety + gastrointestinal issues in your pets
  • Why it's so important to maintain a positive mindset around your pets all of the time, but especially when they're sick
  • How to know if + when you should use western medicine on your pets
  • Acupressure points to relax your furry friend
Jacklab LOTUSWEI flower essences
yin yang cats LOTUSWEI flower essences
cat LOTUSWEI flower essences

More about Peggy:

Dr. Peggy LaCombe earned her Veterinary degree from Colorado State University in 1993. She has been in small animal practice since that time in Phoenix after graduation for 5 years, in Washington State for 12 years, and is now back in the Valley of the Sun. She purchased At Your Bark and Call Veterinary House Calls, LLC from her good friend and partner, Dr. Kelly Halvorsen, who founded the practice and is now enjoying retirement. Dr. LaCombe became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist in January 2011 from the Chi Institute in Florida. She is currently studying Chinese herbal medications and food therapy and is dedicated to continuing her education in alternative modes of therapy. She is focused on establishing and maintaining an excellent quality of life for her patients through integrative medicine. Her family consists of her husband, Dave, Makai the Jacklab, and the kitty gangster squad of Bonnie, Clyde, and Floyd. 

Connect with Peggy:

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Flower Essences for Your Pet

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