June 30, 2019


Intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier is back for another episode of the MOONSHINE series on the #FlowerloungePodcast. We dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs recommended for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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2 Eclipses this month, one solar and one lunar, plus Mercury goes retrograde, and there will be 2 new moons.
Week 1:  July 1-7th

Things are power packed! Mars is changing signs, moving into Leo.  Fired up and ready, and will carry through until August 16th.  Leo is expressive, dramatic, passionate.  Mars is taking action in our will and desire.  And uplifting way to begin.

Tuesday July 2nd

New moon and the total solar eclipse in Cancer, which is like a new moon on steroids. This eclipse ties back to the first series of eclipses in January, 2019, as well as a larger cycle of what happened 18-19 years ago. What was happening in your life in 2000-2001? Especially look at January of 2001. What were the themes at that time? That may indicate a similar theme this time. 

This New Moon can also represent new beginnings.  Cancer is nurturing, mother/mother earth energy, rebirth, renewal, new beginnings. Look at areas in your life around inner security, family and nourishment. Seeds that we are planting will be revealing themselves in the next 6 months. This time is about teaching yourself how to better care for yourself. 

Questions to ask yourself: 

How can you tend to yourself and reparent your inner child?

What do you need for nourishment? (vs. security or loss of control) 

How can you better care for yourself? 

Which choices do you make out of fear vs. love? 

Wednesday, July 3

Venus moves into Cancer, lighting up love and money.  Any emotional turmoil experienced in mid-June, is now getting to the heart of the matter.  

Thursday, July 4th

Saturn in South node in conjunction. Clear out the things you don't need or value.  Saturn can feel authoritative, structured.  The whole week can feel like slow motion, which may lead to frustration.

Saturday, July 6th

Mercury stations retrograde, starting in Leo and moving back into Cancer July 13th.  Fiery, activated, dramatic, expressive.  Cancer is emotional.  Review, re-pattern and retreate during this mercury retrograde and especially focus on how you value yourself and others. Speak from the heart. 

2nd Week:  July 8th-14th

Pace yourself. You might feel tired. Connect with your most powerful presence through the tenderness of Leo and being in touch with your emotions with Cancer. Time to be brave and speak up. Walk your talk. 

Monday, July 8th

Chiron stations direct in Aries.  Review early Aries territory and wounded child archetype.  The light attributes are to awaken compassion and desire to serve other wounded children vs. the shadow attributes that blame all dysfunctional relationships on childhood wounds.  Make sure your inner child isn't at the wheel.  It may be a volatile day; tension and irritability are possible, but this is a time for healing our inner child, as well as bringing us to a deeper authenticity.

Wednesday, July 10th

Sun/Neptune trine. You may want to escape, but instead use healthy escape routes like music, meditation, nature, creativity, self-care. Support your nervous system.  

Thursday, July 11th

Mars and Uranus square, creating combustion and tension in the air.  How do you or others react when it's really hot and humid out?  

Week 3:  July 15th-21st

This week includes the second eclipse of the month, this time an eclipse of the moon. Focus on those things that bring you joy and trim the excess. Clear up old grief + karmic patterns. 

Tuesday, July 16th

Partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn, with the sun in Cancer. Less is More. Tend to + nurture yourself. 

Questions to ask yourself: 

What's the MOST important thing to you? 

How are you making time to listen to your truth? 

What are your priorities and what brings you joy? 

How are you developing better boundaries? 

Thursday, July 18th

Mercury moves back into Cancer, which might make things a little touchy.  Venus Neptune trine.  To review and re-pattern. 

Friday, July 19th

Venus opposes Capricorn.  You might be a little obsessive/compulsive with love or money. 

Sunday, July 21st

Mercury Cazimi gives you a flash of insight or healing introspection.  You might feel like: "Now I know what I need!" 

Week 4:  July 22nd- July 28th

Enjoy the maturity, spaciousness, and playfulness. Sit with what's mystical and look more deeply at what's happening around you. Nurture yourself like your grandparents would. Bake yourself some cookies. 

Monday, July 22nd

Sun enters Leo, making us feel happy, creative, vital, uplifted.  Watch out for drama, overbearing behavior, or burnout.  Speak from your heart and emotional truth and ask for what you need, or listen to what someone else needs and asks for.

Thursday, July 25th

Mars Leo Trine in Jupiter:  A euphoric, confident day for success! Great day to ask for what you want or present something new.

Venus moves into Leo from July 27th-August 21st. It's all about fun, play and lightening up.

Week 5:  July 29th-August 4th

Monday, July 29th

Something may pop up out of nowhere (Uranus squares the sun), but it can be enlivening and electrifying. 

Wednesday, July 31st

New moon in Leo and Mercury stations direct. August will be a whole other scene! This new moon is electrifying; it's about bringing your heart and willpower toward creativity that came from the eclipse season, like the relief and confidence that comes from landing on ground after a turbulent flight. 


1. It will be a bumpy month, but growth comes from struggle and challenges.  Not everyone will be affected in the same ways. Look at your specific natal chart to see how the eclipses specifically hit your chart. Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra) will be hit the hardest.  

2.  Renew, clear, cleanse and make room for fresh beginnings.

3.  What are you tending/nurturing in your life?  

4.  Take time to care for yourself! Some ideas: a massage, tea, chocolate, resting and digesting, movement routines, connecting with your breath, breathing into your body parts, using a foam roller on your meridian lines, guasha, etc. 

5. Remind yourself that all you have to do is 'stay with it'. You don't have to fix anything. Get more comfortable with the not knowing and just show up.  


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