Ways to Have a Healthy Pregnancy + Understanding Your Womb

September 12, 2018

EP 49: Ways to Have a Healthy Pregnancy + Understanding Your Womb with Sarah Clark

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What you'll hear in this episode:
  • Ways of having a healthy pregnancy + childbirth
  • Listening to your body: how even a simple food intolerance can affect your fertility
  • Practices of self nourishment (food + movement)
  • What tests every woman should get at least once
  • Essential oils for fertility
    Clary sage, sweet fennel, geranium, rose + lavender
    * put together with a carrier oil like coconut oil + rub on abdomen prior to ovulation *
  • How to know when you’re ovulating without the ovulation test!

More about Sarah:

When Sarah Clark was 28 years old, she received a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure. She accepted the diagnosis and had both her children through in vitro fertilization. Years later she realized the root cause of her infertility was a food intolerance.

She is a certified life coach with accreditation from the International Coaches Federation and a health coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  

She is the author of Fabulously Fertile - Supercharge your Fertility Naturally, Fabulously Fertile Cookbook and Fertility Preparation Program. Her fertility coaching program, which includes functional lab testing, supports couples to make diet and lifestyle changes that dramatically improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby!  

On her Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast she shares that with functional medicine and natural fertility solutions we can eventually reverse infertility.

Connect with Sarah:
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Follow her on Instagram: @iamkatiehess @lotuswei
LinkedIn: Katie Hess
Media Kit: Katie Hess, International

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