Living Life From the Inside Out

October 03, 2018

EP 54: Living Life From the Inside Out with Téana David

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What you'll hear in this episode:
  • Why you should consider drinking single-herb infusions over multi-herb ones
  • Using retreats as a way to slow down + tune into your inner landscape
  • Finding stillness in a go-go-go world
More about Téana:
Born in Tahiti, raised in Canada, and now based in New York City, Téana is the Director Programming at Deepak Homebase, a sacred salon theater founded by Deepak Chopra & ABC Home’s Paulette Cole in 2011. Téana co-curates and produces an on-going series of more than 75 dynamic events a year featuring luminaries such as Thich Naht Hahn, Eve Ensler, Paul Hawken, Vandana Shiva, Robert Thurman, Chase Iron Eyes, and many others. Her purpose is to amplify teachings on the true nature of existence, leading to increased reverence for Mother Earth and equal justice for all beings. She is dedicated to the realization of inner peace as the ultimate path to peace on earth. 
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