Salsa Heals the World

October 17, 2018

EP 55: Salsa Heals the World with Chris Zambakari

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What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Chris Zambakari's unique upbringing + how Salsa dancing has been deeply integrated into his life since discovering it
  • The expressive art of Salsa dancing + how it can shift your life
  • Using dancing as a way to let go of your fears of vulnerability + express yourself
  • How dancing enhances your deep connection with others
  • Why dance can break down gender barriers

More about Chris:

Dr. Christopher Zambakari is a South Sudanese American who immigrated to the US in 2001 as a refugee from Sudan. In 2015 he founded the Zambakari advisory, an organization that provides consulting services in the US, Africa, + the Middle East. He has a degree in psychology, an MBA in international Finances, a Masters degree in international studies and conflict resolution, + a doctorate in law + policy. Chris grew up dancing, and discovered Latin dances over a decade ago. He has performed in NYC, Singapore & Australia & currently teaches beginner classes in Phoenix.  

Guest appearance by Esteve Giraud:

Estève Giraud is a PhD student at the ASU School of Sustainability where she studies urban agriculture and its relation with ethics of care. She is passionate about plants and food production, and wrote a book on organic farming (published in French in 2014). In her free time, she loves salsa dancing, walking in nature, gardening, doing yoga and cooking.

Connect with Chris:
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