March 01, 2017

your contribution

to this world

is happening

in every moment

in all the big and little actions

from the way you love

to the way you wipe up crumbs

from the counter

the compassion that arises

the wisdom you see in others

the tiny kindnesses

you employ

the way you care for your children

or your parents or your pets

or your lovers or your friends

from the way you hold a dish

to the way you

listen, really listen

and when you look at

the big blue sky

feeling the vastness

or the soft moonlight

on your face

the peace you experience

over morning coffee

intermixed with your inner battles

and the way you hold yourself

facing it all full on

your authentic nature

your pristine essence

stripped down naked

in radical honesty

this is your value

yes and the way you take a moment

to see the state of mind

of the cashier at the grocery store

you might be tired

but you show up and tune in

you really see them

embrace them with your presence

its almost time for them to go home

you cheer them up

with your beautiful smile

and it's in the way

you forgive someone

for cutting you off on the freeway

that little shift in attitude

your awareness of the

preciousness of life

and all of our collective craziness

it's in the softness

when you put a book

back on the shelf

or the way you light a match

it's in the softness of your fingertips

on the keyboard

and your attention to detail

your regard for precious things

all the way expanded out to

your deepest aspirations

your secret dreams so big

you dare not even go there

all of this wrapped and rolled into one

it is you

past, present and future

but most importantly

your contribution is YOU 

you right now

the soles of your feet

touching the earth

your loving presence

that makes tears spring to our eyes

your beingness that spontaneously

warms a strangers heart

you might be alone in your room

placing the palms of your hands

together in prayer

and that heartfelt prayer

is heart felt by someone

in your neighborhood

who you don't even know

suffering greatly and suddenly

your wave of peace

washes over them

like a cool breeze

on a hot day

don't you see

that what you give

is the giving in every moment

it's not some grand purpose

project or mission

it's the care, precision

and giant heartedness

with which you approach

everything in life

an accumulation of moments

stacked one on top of the other

in an accordion of never ending vibration

that circles the planet and all our molecules

in an infinite spiral

your value is you,

your presence

your love

your compassion

your patience

your softness

and the way you meet

each and every little task

quietly aiming to do it

beautifully and perfectly

the strength of your wabisabi

is unsurpassed

YOU are your best contribution

this world could ever dream of

This poem was inspired by the magic of Shower of Orchids.



Love + orchid showers,