March 29, 2017

I can’t be stopped
I’m going all out
breaking barriers
rules & records
my personal best
because I’m
with myself
on a path to more
and more
breaking through
because I don’t
go around
above or below it
with this kinda courage
I go right through
I don’t follow
status quo
I am magic
my superpower
is seeing
the potential
before it happens
and irregardless
of beliefs
I see you &
where you’re going
you are explosive
like a comet
you are capable
of so much more
than your mind
can even conceive
so let’s lasso
the stars together
and make moonshine
drink a toast to
your personal best
break all the rules
shatter any limitations
shed our skins
and ripen,
into who we truly are.


Love + flower petals, katie hess