April 24, 2017

no one can tell you
what you can
and cannot do
only you
can decide
what’s right
for you, for
your inner compass
is the knowingness
that sits in the
center of your heart
no one else but you
can better
your chart
your destiny
is yours
and all you
need lies within
so refuse to
be held back ~
instead be held,
held and embraced
by all parts
of yourself
foster the
wisdom that
lies within
sit quietly
letting it bubble
to the surface
in solitary moments
whispering secrets
in your ears
electrifying you with
a-ha moments
and secret insights
stored safely there
and just as the wind
erodes the sand
from a mountain,
your life-giving
breath erodes
the illusion
of limits,
shackles and
dead ends.
it wakes up
your inner treasures
and the
precious gems
you’ve not yet seen
so break free
take off the handcuffs
of others’ words
and projections
old faulty messages
operating instructions
made for an old model
you are fresh
shining and new
like a baby bird
cracking open
the shell
breaking through
your intellectual mind’s
ideas of what can
and cannot ~
breaking up
false beliefs
and others’
of what’s real
so challenge
what you think is true
make your own map
chart your own course
use your heart
as the compass
and your breath
as the tether
of your sails
to the golden thread
of wisdom
that trustworthy
voice inside you
that’s knows
what to do
that you are
and you will

Poem inspired by the magic of Rose of Venezuela.

Love + flower petals,

katie hess