December 29, 2021

Last week, I wrote a recap of experiences and insights from 2021.

I promised to share specific challenges and flower antidotes, and many of you wrote in with specific requests! Thank you! You’ll see them included below in two forms:

  • How you want to feel
  • Most common patterns today with flower essence antidotes

It’s like an index!

Scroll down and see if anything pops out at you. At the end, I include some practices for nurturing yourself.

How I WANT to feel …

Inner Warrior

True Strength - divine masculine, stability, strength, foundation
Open Heart - courage to be open & vulnerable & resilient
Truthteller - speaking up to advocate for or protect others


Crown Flower Flower Elixir - dissolve everyday fears and dualistic thinking
Sacred Datura Flower Elixir - cleanse psycho spiritual fears


Infinite Love - forgive yourself and others


Inner Peace - feel comfortable in your own skin
Wild Abundance - feel beautiful and abundant
Luscious Embodiment - able to express all aspects of yourself


Infinite Love - softness and self-love
Fierce Compassion - tenderness and compassion
Open Heart - vulnerability and curiosity
Ruby Gem Elixir - magnifies softness of the heart, gentleness, compassion, being affectionate and loving with ourselves and others

Beautiful & Lovable

Wild Abundance - feel beautiful, cherish yourself
Infinite Love - feel warm & fuzzy, lovey dovey
Expansive Presence - be able to receive
Open Heart - feel interconnected with others
Ruby Gem Elixir - radical love and acceptance of yourself as you are

Strong Immunity

Self Heal Flower Elixir - activate your body’s immune response
Sacred Body - rapid cleanse and revitalize all body systems

Radical Flexibility (ability to pivot, recreate & redefine yourself)

Inner Knowing - trust yourself to know the next step; trust that once you get there … you’ll know the next step. Pioneer a new way that’s never been done before.

Accepting Death

Boundless Wisdom - spaciousness, acceptance, understanding, wisdom
Pieris Flower Elixir - process and transmute grief
Self Heal Flower Elixir - hope, vitality, desire to thrive

Shadow Work

Open Heart - seeing what you’ve not wanted to see previously
Sacred Datura Flower Elixir - cleansing old fears from your body

Here’s the list of the most common current trip-ups I’m seeing right now – with flower elixirs to ease your heart & elicit wisdom.

Most Common Patterns Today

Betrayal: I’ve been stabbed in the back

—> Hollyhock Flower Elixir - self-compassion & love, resilience to solve relationship challenges
—> Fierce Compassion - tenderness, understanding and self-compassion

Scarcity: I can’t have / don’t get what i want

—> White Columbine Flower Elixir - relief, acceptance, support
—> Sweet Pea Flower Elixir - endless possibilities
—> Expansive Presence - attract and magnetize what you need
—> Wild Abundance - recognize synchronicities; experience gratitude and abundance

Underappreciated: I give my energy to people who don’t value it

—> Luscious Embodiment - value your contribution and set boundaries

No value: I have no purpose in life

—> White Columbine Flower Elixir - relief, acceptance, support
—> Banana Yucca Flower Elixir - discovering hidden talents
—> Shower of Orchids Flower Elixir - understanding your unique contribution regardless of age
—> Holiday Cactus Flower Elixir - understanding your life’s legacy

Savior complex: I desperately want to save so-and-so

—> Cannonball Flower Elixir - holding space for someone without wanting to save them
—> Open Heart - knowing your loved ones have the resources they need to transform

Persecution: They will turn against me

—> Desert Milkweed Flower Elixir - benevolence & support despite environment
—> Nectarine Flower Elixir - friendship, service, sweetness, love all around

Helplessness: I will never be able to solve this

—> Hollyhock Flower Elixir - self-compassion & love, soft heart and resilience to solve relationships

Apathy: Everything lost its magic

—> Inner Knowing - trust your inner stirrings and get inspired
—> Wild Abundance - synchronicities & open to beauty of life

Displaced: I have no place / I don’t belong

—> Rhododendron Flower Elixir - sense of belonging
—> Fierce Compassion - compassion and belonging

Numbness: Lemme just watch netflix and numb out for a day

—> Open Heart - face it with compassion and vulnerability

Lost: How will I move forward?

—> Inner Knowing - inspiration even if you don’t know how

Profound Existential Emptiness

—> Self-Heal Flower Elixir - motivation to survive & thrive
—> Pieris Flower Elixir - moving through grief

Anger: I don’t know what to do with all this anger & rage

—> Truthteller - Transform your anger into advocacy & protection
—> Luscious Embodiment - Draw the line & set boundaries when enough is enough
—> Ruby Gem Elixir - Productively channel fiery tension so that we don’t harm ourselves or others
—> Ask yourself: what is underneath the anger? It could be another pattern on this page that is a more powerful root cause …

Guilt, pain & disappointment with oneself

—> White Columbine Flower Elixir - relief, acceptance, support
—> Infinite Love - give yourself a break, gentleness
—> Ruby Gem Elixir - Softens the heart, magnifies gentleness and compassion with oneself, offering yourself more love and affection, acceptance of your perfectly imperfect self

Overall Stress

—> Inner Peace - instant calm & grounding
—> Boundless Wisdom - spaciousness in which to gain insights from challenges

Take Short Breaks

If you’re struggling, take lots of short breaks – here are some ideas to nurture yourself:

  • Go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air
  • Sit quietly & observe nature
  • Have a hot cup of tea and relax while you drink the tea
  • Mist yourself with an aura mist & breathe deeply
  • Practice Tai Qi or Qi Gong - even if it’s just one simple form or movement
  • Do three simple stretches and breathe into your body
  • Clear clutter in your mind by clearing clutter in your space
  • Soothe yourself with music or get up and dance
  • Get a myofascial release treatment and cleanse stored body memories
  • Ask a friend for a 2-minute massage
  • Take a hot bath with your favorite salts, essential oils & tealight candles
  • Sit in the sauna and sweat out some toxins
  • Listen to the heartache of a friend - focus on someone else
  • Lavish yourself with flower essences as much as possible!

As we move through this liminal week between Christmas and New Year’s, it’s common to experience all different kinds of emotions and situations because there is time and space for it to arise.

See everything as temporary and try to make time to nurture yourself and be inspired.

And if you need a little help, look to the flower essences for support.

Sending you tons of love and flower magic,