July 14, 2014

I just got back from a trip to Bermuda! I wanted to share the highlights:

singing frogs

We arrived at night and rode in a taxi with the windows rolled down - through the perfumed trees - from one side of the island to the other. I heard the singing frogs, and every last bit of tension left my body. Something about that song. It lulls me, it relaxes me, and it can put me to sleep even though their calls are quite loud. It feels incredibly healing to all the cells in my body.

the water

The sea has two colors: royal blue in the deeper waters + turquoise green near the shore where it’s shallow.


And where there’s a lot of limestone + minerals, it becomes a creamy light green jade. Depending on where you are, you might see fish swimming … schools of silver flashes of light, flipping bright yellow tails or solitary electric blue fluorescence. The water is warm, yet refreshing, and the tides are pretty gentle.

warm turquoise waters

the fairmont spa team

One of the most generous, kind + diverse spa teams I’ve met. Along with the Bermudians, there were foreign workers from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Canada + the U.S. A mix of talent, sparkle, openness + spunk. We did four trainings over two days + had so much fun.

the flowers

I imagine when the first shipwrecked crews began to inhabit the island, there wasn’t much more than super thick jungly green foliage. Over the last 1000 years, many plants were brought to the island - flourishing splashes of color from the bright blossoms of hibiscus, oleander, amaranth, plumeria + plumbago.

plumbago flower crazy beautiful hibiscus variety! plumeria bright island flower perfume flower :: the scent of these is heavenly

colors all around 

The colors of the houses in Bermuda match the surroundings: pastel pink to mirror the light pink sand, bright blues + turquoise of the sea, fluorescent greens + yellows to match the fish + oranges mimicking the fiery flowers. The colors range from bright + cheerful to soft on the eyes.

turquoise bermuda home

the sun

The sun felt so, so good on my skin. At home in Arizona I’m well-trained to avoid the sun. But these sun rays are different - like they bake some kinda healing goodness into your whole being. My skin + bones just drank up the warmth with abandon.

railway trails

There are large trails covering almost the expanse of the island, following the routes of what used to be their railway system. Perfect for taking walks or going for a jog, you pass through forests, tall flowering shrubs, massive slabs of coral stone + old railway tunnels.

railway trail leading into a train tunnel banyan embrace

botanical garden

The garden is super relaxed, with a huge expanse of land, tons of flowering trees, a collection of peacocks + a cafe.

beaches everywhere

There are so many pristine beaches in Bermuda - take your pick! From larger beaches full of people + cookouts to totally deserted coves all to yourself! The water is sparkling, the temperature is perfect + the sand is soft + white, sometimes pinkish in color.

Southlands beach

lush jungles

In a moment you can find yourself in greenery so thick it looks like house plants gone wild - three stories high! Not to mention banyan tree forests + huge walls of ficus.

banyan dance

laid-back atmosphere

Bermudians are super friendly + easy-going. The whole island feels welcoming + everyone is kind to foreigners.


There are only three major roads on the island: north, middle + south. People get around by car, bus or motorbike. You can rent motorbikes by the day + they’ll teach you how to ride them. It’s totally exhilarating to ride the curvy roads, breathing in the perfumed air, looking at the flowers, the water, the sky + the colors, while the wind cools down your hot sweaty body.

my lovely motorbike


There are more caves in Bermuda than anywhere else in the world. And they’re full of gorgeous limestone stalactites. Some of them have pools of turquoise water that you can swim in + most of them are not well-known, making for a totally unique experience. After we finished the spa trainings, we had one free day off the beaten trail ... read more about it here.

off the beaten trail + underground

Love + flower petals,