May 26, 2022

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Time to hit the refresh button
  • You feel like shaking things up a bit
  • You’re tired of the old way of doing things
  • Intolerant of anything stale or stagnant
  • Drawn to do things in new ways
  • Sense that big things are happening
  • Sincere desire to shed old patterns once and for all
  • Openness within the unknown
  • Longing to collaborate with the right people
  • Curiosity about your own expression


If you’re drawn to the Spider Plant flower, you may be longing for expansion. You may have the sensation that your metaphorical shoes are too tight. You’ve outgrown the old you, and you’re ready for the new you, or perhaps: the true you. You may not entirely know what it means; you simply have a sensation that things are changing.

Projects, programs or routines that you’ve previously loved may suddenly appear to need to be altered or adjusted. You spontaneously have the bug to redefine yourself, your relationships, daily actions & expressions.



Activate: New expression
Message: Shed your old skin - see what emerges.

The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) flower elixir encourages us to reach for new levels of possibility. It stimulates prolific new ideas and ways of action. We’re more able to sit in the unknown until a clear plan of action arises. We don’t feel intimidated testing out big ideas of what’s possible, because there’s no attachment to the outcome. We’re wide open to what’s possible – beyond what’s been possible before.

Spider Plant sharpens our minds to be more able to let the pieces of a more complex operation or plan fall into place, without having to do it all ourselves. We’re also more able to attract people with the same desire for collaboration and expansion.

Spider Plant flower magnifies our capacity to unearth new expressions from within. We start to express ourselves differently and have the desire to re-order the way we work and approach our day-to-day life. It motivates us to shift and adjust everything – from our attitudes to personal space, the objects around us to the way we express ourselves with others.

Spider Plant flower liberates more freedom in finding new ways to express ourselves, whether through speech/words, laughter, listening, singing, movement or any action. It enhances the way we act, perceive and experience life. It dissolves resistance to change and heavy old patterns. It helps us exuviate, or shed our skin, so that we can live a more uninhibited, expressive existence.



Spider plants are a powerful air purification plant. They absorb pollutants and contaminants in the air, cleaning it by absorbing chemicals like formaldehyde, xylene, benzene and carbon monoxide within homes and offices.

Spider Plants are also the easiest houseplants to grow and propagate. ‘Spiderettes’ or ‘pups’ emerge from the plant and grow downward toward the earth. Its delicate, star-like white flower blooms for several hours.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Exuviation; Re-ordering; New expression

DISSOLVES: Stagnant, stale ways of doing; Resistance to change; Discomfort of expansion


Love + flower petals,