July 21, 2017

Vancouver greets us sweetly –
and with a sense of humor
as we cross the border

katie hess flowerlounge LOTUSWEI flower essences

and we are met by supreme kindness
and rich, black night skies …
and even though we woke up
this morning
washed in gray & rain
the sun cracked open
the white clouds
urging forth the blue –

sky LOTUSWEI flower essences

and listening to all the stories
of beloveds here in this beautiful city
I am struck
by how much we can hold
in our hands + hearts …
that we can stretch and expand to
increasing pressures of discomfort
we can hold uncertainty, fragility + worry
in the same heart that holds
deep. expansive. love.
we can carry grief and constriction
in our chests
the same chests
that exhale a delicious sigh of relief
when curled up + nestled in our soft beds
and our bellies
that can withstand longing + tension
they are the same bellies of belly laughs
doubling over in hysterical release
and our jaws
that hold irritation
are also the source
of tender smiles + soft words

flowerlounge LOTUSWEI flower essences

and it amazes me
this complexity –
that we can hold it all together
and sometimes
I wonder
what might happen
if we just
let it all crack open
like the clouds in Vancouver this morning
letting more light shine through …
opening up
in more curiosity
and possibility
that whatever strain we experience
that we could allow it to
bend us in shiny new directions
and into a deeper surrender
like opening up our outstretched arms
to the bright blue sky –
opening up our hearts
to a wider expression of ourselves
with more courage
to let it all hang out
to ask for exactly
what we need + want
and know we will be fully received
we will be met
we will be supported
we will be held.

hanging flowers LOTUSWEI flower essences

it’s like one of my favorite teachers says
the bad news is: we’re falling
there’s nothing to hang onto
and no parachute.
the good news is: there’s no ground.
so let’s hold hands
and jump.

Love + flower petals, katie hess