February 02, 2016

vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe LOTUSWEI flower essences

If  you're like us, you occasionally get the hankering for a sweet treat, but don't want the effects of white sugar ... fatigue, bloating, neck tension or a desire for more + more sweets! 

We were so excited when Darla wanted to share her recipe for these cookies! They're free of white sugar, good for you AND they make you feel good! And it"s such a versatile recipe!

If you love dark chocolate as much as we do, you can throw big chunks of chocolate into this recipe.  

If you're a fan of oatmeal raisin cookies, add raisins!

Here's what Darla says: These cookies are soooeasy! Whenever I have bananas that are turning brown, instead of baking banana bread, I make these Banana Coconut Cookies! And the best part? They are gluten free, dairy free + sugar free!

All you need for this recipe is: 

vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe LOTUSWEI flower essences

Not pictured: Since everyone in the office was going to enjoying these baked goodies, I added in some Inspired Action Flower Elixir so we would all have extra focus + inspiration throughout the rest of our day! :)

We chopped up a few pieces of Wei Pure Wei of Chocolate!

Then, bake at 350 degrees - check the cookies after 10 minutes (in our oven we baked them for 20)! Since there is nothing 'raw' in the recipe, if you like them really soft + gooey, 10 minutes would be just fine.

After they are baked, if you have any leftovers that you want to save for another time, throw them in the freezer in an air tight container or ziplock bag - these freeze very well!

When you are ready to enjoy your second batch, just set them out to thaw. You can even throw them in the oven for a few minutes to warm up + melt the chocolate again!

vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe LOTUSWEI flower essences

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, you can even shape your cookies into little hearts! Who could turn down a healthy heart-shaped cookie? Not me - that's for sure!

Share this easy + guilt free recipe with your friends to bring a little extra love + flowerific inspiration into their lives this month! We even made a fun little video showing you how - press play and enjoy!

What are some of your favorite cookie recipes?