September 29, 2017

Flowers magnetize us with their beauty and reflect back to us our own essence. Flowers serve as messengers to remind us of our own goodness, strength + highest potential. They embody purity, love + joy and elicit all that and more within us.

We designed our Flowerevolution Card Deck with the intention to inspire an awakening of your inner wisdom. With 54 gorgeous flower cards with insightful messages, countless insights + self-discoveries await you!

Flowers are mirrors, reflecting back to us the keys to our own awakening + transformation ~ revealing the qualities that most want to be amplified. Using 8 different visual + intuitive reading methods, discover new insights about yourself, navigate through challenging situations + reveal your greatest impact.

If you're wanting to take the experience of the card deck one step further, we invite you to use the Flowerevolution Book to gain deeper insights with:

  • Juicy readings on what the flower reveals + catalyzes
  • Flower-specific reflection questions, action steps, recipes + DIY's
  • Visual healing aspects of stunning flower photography

As you explore the deck, you may discover a series of flowers you want to get to know more deeply. The good news: we have a flower elixir experience for every single card in the deck! By tapping into flowers and their elixirs, we have a method at our fingertips that will enhance the transformative effects of the flowers + helps us be our most loving, peaceful, fearless, happy, clearest selves.

Our biggest wish is that you use these cards to reflect, ask questions + more deeply connect with yourself, your loved ones + Mother Nature.

Pick a flower. Change your life.

Love + flower petals,