December 18, 2019

Are you easily overwhelmed or extra sensitive?

Jade Vine harmonizes your perception, helping you to:

  • Feel protected + impervious to abrasive energies.
  • Be more present, expansive and connected with others.
  • Experience a deeper level of fearlessness around being who you are.

Jade Vine is found in our Luminous Chi Blend:

There are a tiny handful of botanical gardens that make the effort to grow this flower, but the only place in the world that the Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) grows natively is in the tropical rainforests of the Philippines, where it is called tayabak. As a result of deforestation on the islands, Jade Vine flower is considered an endangered species, making this flower very rare + special.

What it Reveals

If you find yourself attracted to the Jade Vine flower, there may be specific situations in your life you want to avoid or feel like running away to hide. You may have felt triggered or snagged into your—or someone else’s—emotional drama. You may have felt harassed or on display, with a desire to escape, avoid or separate yourself from the chaos.

Alternatively, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed and hypersensitive to the world around you. Recently, you may have felt that the external world is crazy + brash—you want to escape to somewhere quiet. The world may appear to you as uncultured, rough or disturbing in some way. You may feel like your senses are under attack and that you’d like to just run + hide. You may at times feel so sensitive, with such high perception levels, that you feel people’s emotions around you in a way that feels disturbing. You may feel like people are emotional, loud, or lonely in a manner that pulls at your own energy.

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Engagement
Message: Engage directly with the world.

Jade Vine magnifies our ability to be fully in the world without getting affected by others’ emotions. It helps us feel protected + impervious to abrasive energies. It allows us to engage with the world in a more intimate way, because we’re not always guarding ourselves. We feel more present, expansive + connected with others, and we’re more able to see the beauty in humanity vs. only seeing the ugliness.

This sense of harmony with the external world allows us to feel unobstructed and free. We’re more okay being on display, acting as a leader, making eye contact and engaging with all sorts of different types of people, even those we would typically define as having abrasive or unrefined energies. We can be warm, supportive and a good listener, and we can provide laughter. Anything that is abrasive just rolls off of us effortlessly. Our energy systems feel impervious to clashing forces and patterns around persecution dissolve.

Jade Vine harmonizes our perception: people or situations that may have appeared previously as hostile now appear soothing. We’re more able to engage from a position of intimacy, rather than feeling triggered, snagged or attacked. It enhances a deeper level of fearlessness around being who we are,along with a truer sense of inseparability.

Jade Vine flower helps us to more deeply engage with others, getting a sense of their divine nature and seeing parts of them that are harmonic, peaceful + soft. It helps us experience a deeper human connection and see the beauty in others. The flower magnifies our ability to let go, let loose and open to human intimacy. When we engage on this level with others, we more often see them as divine. When we’re able to attain a deeper level of personal vulnerability, we engage with more reverence for ourselves + others.


Flower Freak Details

An amazing flower unlike no other, Jade Vine is one of the few occurrences of this color in nature! Also known as the emerald creeper, this impressive vine flower ranges in color from aquamarine to luminous jade to electric blue with indigoIt is native to the tropical rainforests of the Philippines. The flower looks like a luminous jade hook or folded up butterflies on the vine and its impressive color is absolutely breathtaking. It is pollinated by a special kind of bat that hangs upside down to reach the nectar.

What People Are Saying

"This is one of my absolute favorite elixirs (seriously—been through numerous bottles of this stuff). Helps me feel unflappably steady even in chaotic situations. I am a clinical psychologist and recommend your products to everybody. As you can imagine, sitting with seven to eight people a day and listening to difficult emotional content can be challenging. So, being able to have the stamina to sit and engage and be intimate and present is really important. Jade Vine has made me a better therapist. And it’s not only professionally, but also personally, that I can engage with people much easier in my life, even around difficult emotional content. Also helps me to stay super present to both myself and others. This elixir is a godsend." —Mary Beth Kilinski

"Before I took this elixir, I kept a lot of people at arm's length because I was very sensitive and was very afraid of taking up another's energy. I was managing a community choir and people would keep coming to me with their issues. While I was polite, I didn't allow myself to get too close. After taking the elixir, I was able to be more present, and I had more patience and willingness to be there for people." —Anastasia Tham

"I am highly sensitive and this elixir really helped me step into my power and notice my strengths—rather than going into a fear spiral. Jade Vine catapulted me into higher energies like faith and action. In the two weeks of using this I notice a much stronger sense of self. Truly a gift. If you’re on the fence—go for it! You will thank yourself. The results are ALWAYS tenfold with LOTUSWEI." —Courtney

"Just today I met some family out for lunch, the music was loud (alternative rock) ... which typically creates unrest and unbalance within me. But today, I was able to enjoy the atmosphere with minimal focus upon the music. Also, I have felt freer to be authentically me. Thank you!" —Leslie Storms

"Jade has helped me to climb out of my hermit cave. I have seen myself grow more inviting to others and to myself these past few weeks. I feel I still have some more work to do with this plant, and will be coming back to it. For now, I feel more engaged with the world." —Stephanie


In Essence

Magnifies: Wild freedom; presence; intimacy; engagement

Dissolves: Feeling triggered or attacked; sense of being trapped or persecuted; overwhelm by abrasive, disturbing energies

Jade Vine flower is found in our Luminous Chi Blend

A blend that allows you to magnify fearlessness to be who you are. It sharpens your tongue, expands your aura and allows you to establish clear boundaries. Feel more present, expansive and connected with others. Stop worrying about what others think and be protected + impervious to abrasive energies.


Love + flower petals,